Many people decorate the outside of their house with Christmas lights at Christmas but tend to only decorate their Christmas tree on the inside of their house. There are plenty more places on the inside of your house that you can decorate with lights to create that extra Christmassy feel.


A great place to decorate is the inside of your windows. Using your chosen lights – we recommend Supabrights or Cluster Lights – place the lights along your windowsill then, using clear sticky hooks, you can run the lights around your window frame. You can use as many or as little lights as you want, and this will create a festive glow that looks great from both the inside of your house as well as the outside.



Your stairs, in particular your bannisters, make the perfect place to decorate. Wonderful, big, bright lights would look great wrapped around your bannisters – we recommend Cluster Lights as these have more bulbs per metre and you will get more light for an extra festive glow.



Whether you choose the doorway to your living room, dining room or even the inside of the front door, you can make any doorway look festive by adding some lights. You can do this in the exact same way as your windows except that there will be none along the bottom of the doorway as this would stop the door from opening.

There are plenty more places on the inside of

your house that you can decorate with lights

to create that extra Christmassy feel.


This is something that can be done all year round and not just for Christmas, but you can always use Christmas as an excuse to start it. Decorating your bedframe with fairy lights by wrapping the lights around your headboard looks particularly good if you have a metal bedframe or a four-poster bed.



Tapestries are a perfect way to subtly light up the inside of your home. Light up tapestries often depict a Christmassy scene and use LED lights to bring the scene to life. Tapestries are for indoor use only and look great hung on any wall.


Make-shift Indoor Decorations

If you’re into arts and crafts and you want to go all out to ensure the inside of your house looks festive you can create your own decorations using battery-operated lights. A festive favourite is putting a small string of battery-operated lights inside a vase or jam jar to create unique table decorations which make perfect indoor Christmas lights.


No matter what indoor Christmas lights look you go for we recommend choosing LED bulbs as these are energy efficient, cost-effective and long-lasting so that you can decorate your house year after year.