Like any other industry, the garden furniture world has trends that come and go, however, they tend to change less quickly than other industries, such as fashion. In this blog we’ve revealed the top garden furniture trends that are here to stay – for a while at least!

As people tend to spend a lot of money on garden furniture, it can be frustrating if something suddenly goes out of fashion. It can mean that you can no longer find matching items, or that you want the new “in thing” but can’t justify replacing your other furniture yet.

So, before you go spending big money on furniture, pay attention to trends and also read what we think is going to be sticking around a while.

Grey Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan garden furniture has been a popular trend for many years, and we believe it will remain at the forefront of the UK market for at least the next five years. Grey rattan has taken over as the most popular colour, and we believe it is set to stay this way.

Grey looks more modern than the traditional brown and natural colours of rattan and looks great in all types of gardens.

pay attention to trends and

also read what we think is going to be

sticking around a while.

Aluminium Garden Furniture

Aluminium is currently the number one choice for garden owners in Europe, and the UK market is typically a few years behind the European market. As aluminium furniture starts to creep into stores and garden furniture centres, we expect there to be a huge demand from customers.

With this furniture being so durable, and having so many designs, it’s a trend that is certain to stick around.


Firepit Furniture

With the UK’s climate being like it is, unbearably hot one minute and raining the next, with large spells of cold in between, firepit furniture allows us to use our gardens for longer and over more periods of the year. For that reason, the popular firepit dining sets and coffee tables are here to stay.

Reclining Garden Furniture

As our search for comfort in all aspects of our lives continues, we are certain that the market will experience an increase in garden furniture that reclines – much like our indoor sofas. These reclining sets make our gardens feel more like an outdoor lounge and an extension of our homes rather than a separate entity.


Wooden Picnic Benches

Whilst wooden garden furniture has declined in popularity over the years, wooden picnic benches are still the most popular choice for parks, and other public spaces as well as some gardens.


Nothing looks set to replace this furniture in these areas and we predict there will always be a place for wooden garden furniture on the market.

If you’re looking for some new garden furniture and you want to make sure you have something long-lasting as well as on trend, we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms for top advice.