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Discover the world of outdoor living, from barbecue recipes and outdoor games to garden design advice, you'll get all of the info you can discuss around a coffee table here!

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  1. Top Patio Ideas for Garden Inspiration

    Are you feeling less than inspired with your garden space? Are you unsure how to make your patio a place where you and your family want to spend time together? Check out our top tips below and create a garden that is inspiring and enjoyable.

  2. 5 Makeover Ideas for Your Garden

    Spring is fast approaching and many of us will be glad to see the back of the cold and wet weather and look forward to using their garden in the warm. But after a particularly harsh winter, your garden might need a bit of TLC to help it look its best. 

  3. Small Balcony Designs

    It is very common for people not to have a garden or patio space and to simply have a balcony as there only outdoor space. However, just because you have a small outdoor space doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy that space. Here, we have recommended some of the great ways you can utilise your balcony or small outdoor area.

  4. Pre-Ordering Rattan Garden Furniture

    If you’re ready to dress your garden with a brand-new garden furniture set this year, we recommend pre-ordering your furniture to get the best deals.

  5. Make Your Garden the Place to be This Winter

    It’s unlikely that many of us consider using our gardens in the winter, but we’re great believers that a garden should be an extension of your home and you wouldn’t want a room in your home that you didn’t use for 6 months of the year. So, we’ve revealed our top tips to make your garden useable this winter.

  6. Make the Most of Autumn with Rattan Garden Furniture

    Autumn is coming up fast, with the weather becoming cooler and wetter and a few warm days thrown in for good measure. Here, we’ve discussed how you can get the most out of your garden during the autumn months with rattan garden furniture.

  7. Garden Furniture – Past, Present & Future

    Garden furniture is a crucial aspect for spending time outdoors, but how far have we come since the early days of garden furniture and where is the trend heading for the future? We uncover the history of garden furniture in the UK, below.

  8. Rattan Furniture's Rise To Popularity

    As specialists in rattan garden furniture we were keen to learn more about where it came from and what makes rattan furniture so popular. So, we’ve delved into the history – and the possible future - of this popular furniture.

  9. DIY Garden Furniture vs. the Real Thing

    Many people enjoy making something with their own hands, this includes garden furniture, however, it doesn’t always turn out as envisioned. Here, we discuss the pros and cons of making your own garden furniture versus buying the real thing.

  10. Design a Fresh Space with Contemporary Garden Furniture

    The definition of contemporary is something that is happening in the present, so by that logic all current garden furniture designs could be described as contemporary. However, in this post we will look at furniture we feel is contemporary right now and will be for the foreseeable future to help you create an outdoor space that looks fresh and modern for years to come.

  11. 6 Garden Furniture Ideas for Setting the Perfect Mood Outdoors

    Our outdoor space is just as important as our indoor space, and in these strange times it might even be more important! So, making sure you give your garden the right level of attention to detail in order to create an outdoor haven, fit for all purposes and all moods is essential. Below, we have detailed 6 ways to create space for different moods in your garden.

  12. Hot on The Market Fire Pit Dining

    One of 2019’s major garden furniture trends is set to be fire pit dining tables. These unique tables combine the dining experience with popular fire pit technology to create the ultimate entertaining experience.

  13. Wyevale Garden Furniture vs. White Stores Garden Furniture

    At White Stores, honesty and transparency have always been a part of our core values as a business. Throughout the years we’ve tested the quality of our furniture, the user-friendliness of our website, and the importance of our showrooms by comparing our company to other leading retailers within the industry.

  14. White Stores’ Wickford Showroom Undergoes Revamp

    Our Wickford showroom and office headquarters has recently undergone some changes that we feel allow us to show off our garden furniture in a better setting, ideal for customers to really experience what their furniture would look like in their garden.

  15. Build Your Own vs. Fully Assembled Rattan Garden Furniture

    Flat pack rattan garden furniture is often available on the market at a cheaper price than fully assembled rattan furniture, but is the hassle worth the reduced price? We outline the pros and cons of each.

  16. Garden Furniture Price Match Promise

    At White Stores, we pride ourselves on offering top quality products at extremely competitive prices. We regularly benchmark all of our own brand products against similar products on the market and always aim to offer the most cost-efficient deal for our customers. 

  17. Quality Rattan Furniture Manufacturers

    With so many rattan garden furniture manufacturers on the market, it can be difficult to know who is a reliable manufacturer producing top quality rattan furniture or those who are producing cheap furniture not built to last.

  18. The Ultimate Garden Furniture For Outdoor Entertaining

    It’s official, the heatwave is on, the sun is out and so are we! As a nation, when the sun’s out we like to make the most of the weather, from trips to the local beer garden to barbecues with family and friends.