Flat pack rattan garden furniture is often available on the market at a cheaper price than fully assembled rattan furniture, but is the hassle worth the reduced price? We outline the pros and cons of each.

"Cheaper doesn’t always mean better, in fact, when it comes to rattan it could mean quite the opposite."

- White Stores

Build Your Own Rattan Garden Furniture

DIY rattan garden furniture, often referred to as KD garden furniture is readily available on the market, often for much cheaper than fully assembled rattan sets. But cheaper doesn’t always mean better, in fact, when it comes to rattan it could mean quite the opposite. This is because the cheaper the furniture the lesser the quality. For rattan, this is reflected in the sturdiness and durability of the furniture.

For example, DIY garden furniture will require bolting the pieces together, this is not as sturdy as fully assembled rattan which welds the framework together. Additionally, these bolts and fittings can potentially rust and see the early demise of the furniture.

However, the positives of DIY garden furniture include the cheaper price tag, and the fact the furniture will not have to be delivered on a pallet.

To sum up, here are the pros and cons for DIY rattan garden furniture:

Pro – Cheaper to buy.
Con – Lesser quality materials that are not as long-lasting as fully assembled furniture.
Pro – The furniture will not need to be delivered on a large pallet that takes up space until you get around to unboxing the furniture.
Con – You have to spend your valuable time assembling the furniture.

Fully Assembled Rattan Garden Furniture

Fully assembled rattan garden furniture is often preferable, regardless of the price and this is for many reasons. The main reason being the quality of the furniture. Fully assembled furniture is welded together which provides a much more durable and rustproof finish to screws and bolts.

Many people assume that fully assembled rattan will be difficult to move around, however, rattan is incredibly lightweight and therefore it does not matter whether the furniture arrived fully assembled as it will still be easy to relocate. However, fully assembled rattan will often arrive on a pallet which is delivered to the nearest hardstanding surface, which is not always your garden. This can take up space on your driveway until you choose to unbox and move the furniture, whereas DIY furniture will be delivered in boxes that are easier to relocate to the garden.

To sum up, here are the pros and cons for fully assembled rattan garden furniture:

Pro – Durable furniture with fully welded frames.
Con – More expensive than flat-packed furniture.
Pro – Lightweight furniture, easy to move.
Con – Often arrives on a pallet, not delivered to the back garden.
Pro – The furniture is ready to use, you do not have to spend time assembling the furniture.

The majority of our rattan furniture will arrive fully assembled, the exception to the rule is /garden-furniture/garden-dining which need minimal assembly and are easy to put together.

If you’re looking for durable rattan furniture, we recommend visiting one of our showrooms or speaking to one of our customer service agents.