Many people enjoy making something with their own hands, this includes garden furniture, however, it doesn’t always turn out as envisioned. Here, we discuss the pros and cons of making your own garden furniture versus buying the real thing.

Pallet Corner Sofa Set vs. Rattan Corner Sofa Set

Upcycling is a wonderful trend that has taken the garden furniture world by storm, with many people using old wooden pallets to turn them into a unique piece of garden furniture. The most popular form of pallet furniture is a sofa or corner sofa set but how does the DIY version fare against a shop-bought rattan corner sofa set?


DIY Pallet Corner Sofa Set Pros:

• Cheaper (providing you have enough spare pallets lying around)

• Unique to you and your space

• Can be changed as often as you like


DIY Pallet Corner Sofa Set Cons:

• Not weatherproof and not as long-lasting

• Can be tricky to find cushions to fit

• Requires hard work and effort to assemble


Rattan Corner Sofa Set Pros:

• Fully weatherproof and can be left outside

• More durable and longer lasting

• Most require no assembly and no hard work

• Comes with padded cushions included


Rattan Corner Sofa Set Cons:

• Can be more expensive


Weighing up the pros and cons of the DIY version versus a shop-bought corner sofa set it is clear that the shop-bought version comes out on top by way of durability and minimum effort required. If you want to try the DIY version do beware that the pallets will not be weatherproof and if they are not under an outdoor shelter, they could become damp and break easily. However, you will have the freedom to choose your own styling. But bear in mind with so many rattan corner sofa sets available, you could also find the perfect shop-bought design to complement your style.

people enjoy making something

with their own hands

Pallet Bar Set vs. Rattan Bar Set

Another great way to upcycle your old pallets is by creating an outdoor bar, perfect for drinks in the sunshine. But, how does this design compare to a ready-made rattan bar set?


Pallet Bar Set Pros:

• Cheap to make

• Can be painted to your chosen colour

• Unique to you and your space


Pallet Bar Set Cons:

• Can only really be made to a square or rectangular shape

• You would need to buy bar stools or chairs separately

• Takes time to put together

• Not weatherproof


Rattan Bar Set Pros:

• Available in more shapes such as round

• Comes with bar stools included

• Minimum assembly required

• Weatherproof and longer lasting


Rattan Bar Set Cons:

• More expensive

• Limited colours available


Looking at these pros and cons, again we believe the shop-bought design will outweigh the pallet design on durability and longevity. However, if you want to be more creative and have a bright pink bar or a beach hut this is something that would work better as a DIY creation.

Tyre Chairs vs. Rattan Chairs

Turning old tyres into garden furniture chairs is a great way to be more conscious about the environment and what you are throwing away but just how do they compare to a pre-made rattan chair.


Tyre Chair Pros:

• Can be painted any colour

• Environmentally conscious

• Weather resistant


Tyre Chair Cons:

• Requires multiple tyres to make a normal sized chair

• Heavy and cannot be moved around often

• Not comfortable for long periods of sitting


Rattan Chair Pros:

• Weather resistant

• Lightweight and easy to move around

• Comfortable for long periods of sitting or dining outdoors

• More stylish


Rattan Chair Cons:

• Limited Colours Available


Looking at the pros and cons of both options, it seems that the rattan chair is much better than the tyre chair in terms of comfort and appearance. When comparing price, it would depend on how much you paid for your tyres originally, but they could also work out much more expensive depending on how many you need to create your chairs. However, both options are weather resistant and would make durable garden furniture.


So, would you choose DIY garden furniture, or would you opt for the hassle-free shop-bought option? If you would prefer the style and durability of rattan furniture, make sure to browse our full collection of rattan garden furniture and book a virtual showroom tour to get more information on your favourite pieces.