Our outdoor space is just as important as our indoor space, and in these strange times it might even be more important! So, making sure you give your garden the right level of attention to detail in order to create an outdoor haven, fit for all purposes and all moods is essential. Below, we have detailed 6 ways to create space for different moods in your garden.

Dining Sets for Happy Moods

If you want your garden to be happy place, full of love, laughter and joyous memories then the perfect setting for these memories is an outdoor dining set – the bigger the better as this means more people can join in.

Dining al fresco is the perfect way to create a happy atmosphere in your garden. Fire up the barbecue, sizzle some sausages, burn some burgers and laugh about it all around your stunning rattan dining set.

A round dining table is the perfect option as everyone can see each other and make conversation. Sometimes on a rectangular table the group tends to divide up into separate ends of the table and become more closed off, whereas with a round dining table you can all talk to one another.


Firepits for a Calming Atmosphere

If you need your garden space to become a place where you can relax, calm down and just step away for a minute then you’ll love our range of firepits and firepit furniture.

The soothing crackle of any firepit and the snug warm feeling of being next to the fire is the perfect way to calm down and create a soothing ambience in the garden.

Whether you choose a fire pit coffee table that can accompany your existing furniture or opt for a dining or casual dining table with firepit built in, any of these furniture pieces will go along way to ensure that calming atmosphere you desire.

Our outdoor space is just as

as important as our indoor space

Sun Loungers for a Moment of Peace

Do you need your garden to become somewhere you can get away and unwind for a minute so that you can start feeling peaceful and zen? Well look no further than a stunning sun lounger. Sun loungers are the perfect solo space for you to lay down and relax with a good book, a glass of wine or a cup of tea and some snacks.

Our range of fabric loungers are ideal as they are weatherproof, luxurious and stain resistant, so should you spill that glass of wine or drop that ice cream you’ll be able to wipe it clean without any worries, keeping it a peaceful and panic free zone.


Bar Sets for Excitement

If you want your garden to feel like a place of excitement and social activity, then a bar set is ideal. Bars are very social places and encourage all kinds of excitement, so a bar in your own back garden is a way to achieve that without ever having to leave the house.

Enjoy plenty of fancy drinks, cocktails and classic bar snacks around your stylish bar set and generate that buzz of a pub or bar in your own back garden.

Chill Out with Corner Sofas

Discover the perfect place to chill out and relax with a corner sofa. If you’re using the set alone or with a partner there is plenty of room to sprawl out and unwind. Or, if you have the whole family involved you can all fit on with plenty of room to sink into the seats and stay relaxed.

Corner sofas look stylish and inviting in your garden and set the perfect scene for a fabulous chill out zone.


Set the Mood with Outdoor Lighting

Whatever mood you’re aiming for there is an outdoor light to complement your chosen atmosphere. Solar powered fairy lights are perfect for adding a touch of excitement to a space whereas outdoor candles and mason jars filled with tea lights can contribute perfectly to that relaxed feel you were going for.

Whether you want your garden to convey one mood or become the perfect setting no matter how you’re feeling, all of these ideas can become the setting for all of your feelings, moments and outdoor experiences.


If you need help choosing the right garden furniture for your ambience, we recommend speaking to our customer service team via our new Live Chat feature for recommendations.