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Discover the world of outdoor living, from barbecue recipes and outdoor games to garden design advice, you'll get all of the info you can discuss around a coffee table here!

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  1. Buy Now, Pay Later on Garden Furniture

    We understand that, for many, garden furniture is a luxury - a want as opposed to a need - that could be less of a priority than other expensive purchases. But why should you miss out on what you want? We now offer several finance options to help you get what you want as well as what you need.

  2. Is Aluminium Dining The Perfect Patio Furniture?

    Aluminium garden furniture is one of the most weatherproof options available on the market. Plus, if you want to dine in style, aluminium offers plenty of options that are perfect for your outdoor space.

  3. Making The Most Of Small Gardens

    They say the best things come in small packages, well why can’t the same be said for gardens? You don’t need to have a massive amount of space to make your garden look its best, in fact smaller gardens can be easier to maintain and even small changes can have a big impact and make your garden look like a totally new space.

  4. Smokeless Firepits And How They Compare

    Firepits are the must-have garden accessory for 2021. Here, we’ve looked at how our range of gas firepits compare to traditional wood or coal burners.

  5. Outdoor Firepits That Will Improve Your Garden

    If you’re looking for something new and modern to improve your outdoor space, making it more stylish as well as practical, look no further than these great outdoor firepits.

  6. Outdoor Dining vs. Outdoor Lounging

    If your garden is big enough for only one piece of garden furniture it can be tough deciding between the classic dining set or somewhere to sprawl out and relax. Here, we’ve outlined the positives of both and highlighted why you may not have to choose from one or the other at all.

  7. Lightweight Garden Furniture

    Garden furniture is often heavy and unmovable for one person on their own, and though this ensures it is strong and sturdy, this is not always practical. Here, we have revealed the types of lightweight garden furniture that are also strong and durable.

  8. Top Style Ideas For Every Garden Space

    Every garden space is a different shape and size, and every person has a different style preference. But with these style ideas we hope we can inspire everyone to get the most out of their garden with the right garden furniture.

  9. What Does Your Garden Furniture Say About You?

    Are you a vintage queen, sophisticated chic or a modern mogul? Find out what your garden furniture says about you and get top tips on buying garden furniture to reflect your personality.

  10. How to Utilise your Conservatory with Garden Furniture

    Summer may be coming to an end but that doesn’t mean you have to stop using your garden furniture. In this post, discover how to use your rattan garden furniture to utilise your conservatory space.

  11. Minimalistic Garden Furniture

    If you prefer your garden free from clutter with only the basic needs for enjoying your outdoor space, you can achieve that minimalistic garden and keep everything stylish with these top tips.

  12. 7 Reasons Why Rattan Garden Furniture is the Most Popular Style

    There are many different types of garden furniture available, but rattan garden furniture has consistently been the firm favourite, among businesses and consumers alike, for quite some time. Here, we have revealed why rattan stays on top.

  13. Why a Pergola Will Increase The Value Of Your Property

    If you’re looking to create a beautiful back garden that can be used year-round, a pergola is the perfect design element. Pergolas add both beauty and value to your property and understanding why provides you with a great opportunity to increase the value of your home.

  14. Increase the Value of Your Home With A Garden Renovation

    When it comes to selling your property, people often focus on the interior and find they have let themselves down, when it comes to adding value to their home, by forgetting about their outdoor space entirely. Here, we have revealed how to increase the value of your property with a garden renovation

  15. Choosing Garden Furniture for Summer

    Summer is the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy your garden space, but with so many garden furniture styles now accommodating for colder British weather, what garden furniture is actually ideal for the summer months? We reveal all below.

  16. Staycation in the Garden

    The year 2020 has been surreal to say the very least, with quarantine and travel bans still affecting most of our summer holidays, it’s time to consider a staycation and since you’re staying in the country why not stay at home an enjoy some time in your own garden.

  17. How to Choose Garden Furniture For Every Garden Size

    No matter the size or shape of your garden or whether you just have a balcony area and no garden at all, there is always garden furniture that will fit your space and improve the look of your area.

  18. Roof Garden Design Ideas

    The most underused part of any building is the roof. However, you can transform the roof into a comfortable outdoor space with a little innovation. Here, we have revealed some great garden furniture designs that are perfect for rooftops big or small.