When it comes to selling your property, people often focus on the interior and find they have let themselves down, when it comes to adding value to their home, by forgetting about their outdoor space entirely. Here, we have revealed how to increase the value of your property with a garden renovation.

Thanks to the multiple lockdowns that the UK has experienced in the past 12 months, we have found that more people than ever before are enjoying their outdoor space and utilising it for the first time. This has also meant that people without outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly frustrated with a lack of garden and when looking to move are prioritising outdoor space. Therefore, searches for houses with gardens rose by 42% in May 2020.

This means that when it comes to selling your home, making sure your patio and garden look as good as possible will not only increase interest in your property but also add value. To help you add value to your home, we have put together the following top tips to offer a complete garden to potential buyers.

Tip 1 - A Good Looking Lawn

One of the best ways to invest in your garden is to make sure your lawn is levelled and that it is well-covered and not patchy. Whether you achieve this with real grass by planting and nurturing grass seeds or investing in fake grass, it is important to keep this area maintained and neat all year round. Invest in a strong lawn mower that creates stunning lines and take the time to properly trim the edges.

The same can be said for any patio area. Make sure you pull out weeds, keep the area washed and clean and ensure that all paving stones are even, not loose or wobbly and look bright and new rather than bleak and dingy.

the best advice we can offer

is to treat your garden as an

extension of your indoor space.

Tip 2 - It's All About Space

It doesn’t matter whether you have a tiny terrace yard or an acre of land, how you utilise that space will make all the difference. There are plenty of ways to create a sense of space without requiring more land and equally, there are plenty of ways to put people off by leaving lots of land without care and attention which will make buyers feel overwhelmed by the project they will face to maintain it.

Some great tips for creating extra space are to plant vertically to create height, lay paving stones diagonally as this creates an optical illusion of extra space, and where possible use mirrors to make the space appear bigger.

If you have a large space, create different areas for different purposes and ensure that all space has a purpose. For example, maybe start a vegetable patch or add a greenhouse, have a separate dining and lounge area, and a barbecue section.

Tip 3 - Create an Alfresco Dining Area

The most desirable aspect of a garden is the ability to eat outside on a long summer’s day. The smell of a barbecue and a place to spend hours of quality family time is hard to beat. The ideal location for your outdoor dining area is near to the kitchen – for easy access to food and to serve and clear dishes.

By adding a dining set to this area, you can show potential buyers exactly how they can be using this area and fill their head with visions of that perfect family time that will act as an incentive to buy.

Tip 4 - Design A Vision

Your goal is to create a space that evokes a vision for potential buyers of how they can spend their outdoor time. You can do this with luxury garden furniture. For example, a hot tub is the perfect way to show someone the way they could be enjoying the outdoor space. Add a pergola to make the space usable in all weather and truly show off what you have.

If you don’t have the space for something as extravagant as a hot tub some gorgeous garden furniture such as a corner sofa set or sun loungers to present this as a relaxing space and show people just how much they will enjoy your garden.

Ultimately the best advice we can offer is to treat your garden as an extension of your indoor space. Invest in the space as you would with your living area or kitchen, and not only will you get more use and enjoyment out of the area, but it will only improve interest in and increase the value of your home.