If you’re looking to create a beautiful back garden that can be used year-round, a pergola is the perfect design element. Pergolas add both beauty and value to your property and understanding why provides you with a great opportunity to increase the value of your home.

"As with most things in life, the larger it is, the larger the appeal and the more value it holds."

- White Stores

Choosing Your Pergola

There are plenty of different styles and types of pergola available from wood and fiberglass to aluminium. Wood is sought after often as it blends in with all gardens and locations, however, it does require a lot of maintenance, especially as the years go on.

An aluminium pergola is weatherproof and durable, and this adds more value, style and class to your property. Additionally, pergolas that offer retractable canopies or pull-down screens are particularly popular for all-weather protection.


Choosing The Size

Keep in mind when choosing your pergola that the size will greatly determine the value added to your home. As with most things in life, the larger it is, the larger the appeal and the more value it holds.

However, it is important to make sure everything is scaled to your garden. A pergola that is too big and overruns the space will subtract from the value and equally one that is too small and lost will do the same.



The price of a pergola and installation will depend very much on the materials chosen and how you wish to install the pergola. If you want to build something from scratch and ensure it is a permanent structure that cannot be removed it will cost more – but may add more value to the property. However, if you purchase an existing pergola and ensure it can up and leave with you this will cost less but not add as much value.

Why Choose A Pergola?

Why choose a pergola in the first place? Well, whilst these outdoor structures don’t technically add to your home’s size, they do create a functional outdoor getaway space that can be used year-round which is particularly valuable for British homes.

Properly fitting the pergola and adding lighting, the right garden furniture, such as a garden sofa set or casual dining setup, you can create an area perfect for entertaining as well as relaxing that is truly valuable to improving your time outdoors.


Things To Consider

To ensure that your pergola project is successful, you should consider the following:
Style and design

You are the only person who can decide which pergola is right for you and your space. But the best way to choose is to envision why you will be using the pergola. Will you be dining outdoors under the pergola or will you be using it to cover a hot tub or even a firepit? The reason for your pergola will determine things like size and material for you.

For more help choosing your garden pergola, speak to our helpful sales advisors for top tips and advice.