Are you in the middle of transforming your garden, and looking to bring some of your inside living, outside? Do you want your garden to be an extension of your home, with extra space for leisure and socialising? You’re not alone. According to Horticulture Magazine, 87% of UK households have a garden, with spending habits around garden products expected to reach over £6.5 billion by 2025. Around 22% of UK gardeners are choosing to reduce the size of their lawn, to make room for other garden features, like pergolas!

What is a Pergola?

Think of pergolas as a sheltered roof for your garden. Say goodbye to the days of waiting for rain clouds to disperse, or finding some shade in the afternoon sun as it goes beyond your house. Pergolas are fantastic ways to add shelter to you patio seating areas, or outdoor activities like hot tubs. They come as a freestanding structure or attached to your house.  

Our pergolas can be adjusted to suit you (and the weather too). Let’s say it’s a gorgeous hot sunny morning. You can choose to open the louvres of your pergola, allowing that sunshine to warm your dining area. But, in the afternoon storm clouds roll in and it starts to rain, typically. Don’t worry, as you can simply close the louvres in the same way using the crank handle system, or button depending on which pergola you have.  

This fantastic structure is stylish yet functional, and the perfect addition to any garden.  

Pergolas make great shaded

options for those of us who

want a break from the sunshine.

How Can A Pergola Benefit Me And My Garden?

As we’ve said before, pergolas make great shaded options for those of us who want a break from the sunshine. But there’s so much more to offer when it comes to these handy shelters.  

Of course, we need to consider that not every summer day will be sunshine. Those summer rainy days are guaranteed, but with a pergola, it won’t stop you enjoying your indoor-outdoor lifestyle. Each of our pergolas is built with a fantastic drainage system, which stops water build-up on the roof and more importantly, stops you getting wet!

If your garden is overlooked by neighbours, and you want some privacy whilst soaking in your hot tub, some of our pergolas have the choice to add privacy screens. Have peace of mind knowing that you can see out, but people can’t see in (unless they are up close to the screen). Oh, and it’s great at adding more shade too.  

Did you know that you don’t need planning permission to have a pergola? This makes a great alternative to home extensions, if you were looking for some added hosting space.  

Pergolas also make great blank canvases for introducing style to your garden. Get creative and add some water-proof LED lights, or faux plants for some colour and style. 

What Should I Be Aware Of When Buying A Pergola

Pergolas work best when the ground it’s standing on is completely flat and level. Any wonky flooring can affect that drainage system, but also doesn’t look very appealing.  

Also, you need to think about what materials your pergola is made from. We offer aluminum pergolas which require little maintenance to keep it looking its best. However, if you’ve decided a wooden pergola will look best in your garden, make sure you’re upkeeping the maintenance the wood, including staining, sealing and painting.  

Pergolas can be quite big and heavy to assemble and should not be assembled on your own. We recommend 2-3 people working together to assemble this efficiently and safely. They can also take around 2 hours to build. But don’t worry, as our easy-to-follow instructions are provided. And remember, you can always opt for our assembly service (location depending). 

After reading this blog, and you think a pergola would make a fitting addition to your outdoor space, feel free to visit one of our showrooms. Our friendly, knowledgeable team are ready and willing to show you our fantastic range of pergolas available. Get to grips with how they work and see the beautiful designs in person.  

Remember, you can always grab pergola inspiration from our social media pages. In particular, our Instagram and Pinterest pages, where our creative customers and collaborators have styled their pergolas.