No matter the size or shape of your garden or whether you just have a balcony area and no garden at all, there is always garden furniture that will fit your space and improve the look of your area.


Whilst many people don’t think that they can fit garden furniture on their balcony, there is always something you can do to make your space cosier and more enjoyable and actually give you some freedom to spend time outdoors.

A bistro set is the perfect place to enjoy a morning cup of tea, a spot of lunch or a romantic meal for two with a view. If you’re not one for al fresco dining, then a small lounge set or a small hanging pod are great for cosying up with a good book and still leave space for you to put plants or over items out on the balcony.


Small Gardens

If you’re limited by space, then you will want something compact but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. A cube set is perfect for smaller gardens because they can be completely tucked away when not in use, freeing up your garden again. Plus, they allow for multiple guests when they are in use.

Again, if you’re not one for al fresco dining and just want somewhere to relax when outdoors then a 2-seat sofa set is ideal. These sofa sets come with a 2-seater sofa and 2 armchairs, which you can place as close together or as far apart as your garden allows, leaving you free to lay your garden furniture out how you see fit.

there is always garden furniture

that will fit your space and improve

the look of your area.

Medium Gardens

As the space gets bigger so does the range of choice available to you. If you enjoy entertaining or have a large family, then a 6-seat dining set is the perfect choice. You can even add extra items like a lazy Susan or a parasol to make the dining experience even better.

Another great idea for medium-sized gardens is a modular corner sofa. Combine the pieces to make one good-sized corner suite or separate the pieces for multiple areas. You can even adjust the layout of the pieces if your garden is a funny shape. This is ideal for making the most of your garden space.


Large Gardens

If you’ve got a large garden, then you are free to do what you want, without the constraints of space, this gives you plenty of choice and you can even fit more than one piece of furniture in.

If you want to keep it simple an 8-seat dining set will fill the space nicely but something that looks great in large gardens is a casual dining set. These are corner suites combined with a dining table and they allow room for plenty of people to both dine and relax.

A great recommendation for large gardens is a daybed. Daybeds are great for relaxing in the sunshine and offer space for the whole family to relax, making sunbathing a group activity.

No matter your garden space, there is furniture for everyone. If you need help deciding what will look nice or fit within your space, we recommend visiting one of our showrooms, where you can measure up, test the comfort of the furniture and get style advice from our friendly sales advisors.