If your garden is bigger than a terrace but smaller than an acre, you may struggle to find advice online. Many tips focus on how to dress small gardens or how to fill a large space, but here, we will talk about the endless possibilities for a medium-sized garden.

Having a medium-sized garden often leaves you with plenty of choice on how to style your garden but sometimes too much choice can make decision-making near impossible. So here, we’ve shared our top tips for utilising your space without overwhelming your garden (or yourself).

"Before you start making any shopping decisions you need to have a clear vision on what you want your garden to be."

- White Stores

1. Shop Modular

Modular furniture is ideal for a medium-sized garden, especially if you have lots of space but perhaps your layout is an unusual shape. Modular garden furniture allows you to choose your own setup by combining the different pieces in a shape that not only suits your purpose but suits your garden as well.

Modular doesn’t just mean being able to move the pieces around, it could mean being able to turn your furniture into something completely different. If you have a medium-sized garden, the odds are you have space for a larger piece of furniture, but not multiple sets. Unlike larger gardens who can fill their space with a relaxing sofa, a dining table and chairs, and a lounger all in separate areas, you need one set that can give you everything.

Our rising table collection is ideal for this. You can convert the tables from a coffee table to a dining table, and sometimes even into a piece of a daybed, meaning that you have everything you need all in one place.


2. Have A Vision


Before you start making any shopping decisions you need to have a clear vision on what you want your garden to be. Is it somewhere to relax and read your book, is it somewhere to host garden parties and enjoy barbecues with friends and families, is it somewhere for the dog and the kids to run around with a ball, has it got to be a bit of everything?

By making these decisions before you shop, you can go into the buying process with a clear vision of what you need and not be led astray by things that look nice but actually wouldn’t work for your space. A great tip is to visit a showroom and take a drawing, or picture of your garden with you, and always have your space measured. This way a sales person can recommend what they think will work best in your space and help you to feel confident about your purchase.

3. Bring Your Space Together

Just because you are using your garden for different purposes doesn’t mean your areas have to look completely different. You can tie your space together by picking a colour theme and spreading this around your garden.

If you’ve got a designated space for your furniture at the front of the garden, and the kids’ playhouse is at the back, the different areas are going to stick out like sore thumb. Tie them together by adding colourful scatter cushions to your furniture, pick some matching solar lights to run around the fence, and pick some matching ornaments that can be scattered around to bring everything together and looking like one larger space.

If you’re looking for help and advice when choosing garden furniture for your space, we recommend visiting one of our showrooms or speaking to one of our customer service advisors via telephone.