Rattan garden furniture is extremely versatile and comes in a range of different styles. Here’s how to achieve the 4 most popular garden looks using rattan garden furniture.

This has seen us turn to the aid of pergolas and gazebos to offer shelter and weather protection, but what’s the difference between them, and which one is the right choice for your garden? We’ve answered all your questions below. 

The Classic Look

Achieving a classic or traditional look with rattan garden furniture is both easy and wildly popular. To create a classic style garden with rattan we recommend sticking to browns or natural colours as these are the most traditional colours of rattan and can be widely sourced.

There are two types of weave that fit with the classic look and these are flat weave and rod weave. Rod weave looks and is more expensive but is also more durable and offers plenty of traditional character. Flat weave is slightly cheaper and offers a plainer approach to the classic style.

A simple dining set is ideal for achieving a traditional style garden and this can be accompanied by a wooden parasol in either a natural/beige colour to match the cushions of your furniture or a classic green – it doesn’t get more traditional than that!


The Modern Look

Rattan garden furniture can also look incredibly modern and this comes down to the colour and the type of furniture you choose. Grey or white wash rattan often looks the most trendy and stylish, with grey being the most readily available colour choice of the two.

A casual dining set with a rising table or a dining set with a fire pit centre are two of the most modern developments in garden furniture and will turn any garden into a stylish design with a modern focus point.

Plus, if you really want to go all out, find a large daybed in a matching weave and colour and you’ll have somewhere stylish and modern to bathe in the sunshine as well as somewhere to dine and relax.

Rattan garden furniture is extremely

versatile and comes in a range

of different styles.

The Upcycled Chic Look

Upcycled means adapting something to a new use and this look can be achieved with rattan garden furniture whether you do actually recycle your rattan into something else, or simply purchase rattan furniture that looks like it has been converted.

An example of the latter is rattan planters. Ideal for planting beautiful flowers and plants, rattan planters are slightly less common and could appear as though they have been made out of your old rattan furniture, ideal for the upcycled chic appearance.

If you’re looking to recycle old rattan furniture, then the weave can be turned into hanging baskets or even a Christmas wreath if you have the time and the patience.


The Unusual Look

If you’re looking for something more unusual or art deco style, then rattan garden furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. Coming away from the traditional appearance of rattan, you will be able to find yourself comfortable garden furniture that looks edgy and unique.

A favourite for unusual rattan furniture is sun loungers. Rattan sun loungers can make a real statement if you choose one that is unique in shape. That’s not to say the furniture isn’t practical, rattan furniture is known for its comfortable and weatherproof finish.

Another firm favourite for unusual garden furniture is rattan hanging chairs. These comfortable hanging chairs not only make a great place to sit and relax but are also eye catching and interesting.

If you would like help achieving any of the styles mentioned above, we recommend a trip to one of our showrooms where you will be able to view the furniture for yourself. Additionally, our customer service team are always on hand to offer advice and knowledge in person, via email or via telephone.