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  1. White Stores Garden Furniture vs. ASDA Garden Furniture

    Garden furniture is readily available from all sorts of places, not just garden centres or garden furniture retailers, even supermarket retailer ASDA has their own range of garden furniture available online and in their larger stores. But how do these furniture pieces fair against our own products?

  2. Creating A Minimalistic Garden With White Stores

    Creating an outdoor space that fits you is important, and while we live in an era of accessorising and making grand statements with garden furniture, sometimes people strive for a more simple, uncluttered, and functional space.

  3. IKEA Garden Furniture vs. White Stores Garden Furniture

    Here, we have tried to help your decision-making process by measuring our own garden furniture standards against another huge retailer, IKEA.

  4. White Stores Garden Furniture vs. John Lewis Garden Furniture

    Comparing our own garden furniture to that of other businesses could be risky, but we’re so confident in our garden furniture quality that we are happy to weigh up the pros and cons of buying with us over retail giants John Lewis.

  5. Grey Rattan Garden Furniture

    Rattan garden furniture is available in many different colours, from a traditional brown colour, to lighter natural colours and even a more modern white wash colour. But no colours have proved to be as popular as grey in recent years.

  6. How to Channel Feng Shui in Your Outdoor Space

    Throughout our lives, we’ve all been asked ‘Are you a positive person?’ and for most of us, the answer is yes. Positivity is defined as having the tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude, and it’s something we, as humans, believe in. Having positivity is also about maintaining the balance with the counteracting, opposite feeling, negativity.

  7. White Stores Reviews Cheap Garden Furniture

    Back in 2019, the news broke that retail giants Aldi were releasing their own range of garden furniture "for a quarter of the price of rivals". We looked into it and whether cheap garden furniture is ever worth the money.

  8. Can You Leave Rattan Effect Furniture Outside

    A big question many people have is ‘can I leave my rattan effect furniture outside?’ and the answer really depends on the quality of your furniture but in most instances, and especially for any sets bought from White Stores, the answer is yes.

  9. Transform Your Garden From Day to Night with These Garden Accessories

    Traditionally, an outdoor space would only be used during the day in the warmer months, and usually when the sun is shining or if there was gardening to do. In the past, a garden would be a place to go, instead of being the place to be.

  10. Which Garden Furniture Is Best For A City Space

    Living in the city has its perks such as the nightlife, the interesting places to visit, ease of access and being in the epicentre of everything and anything. While there’s so much to do, there’s often little time to relax. Gardens aren’t usually associated with cities, and if you’re lucky enough to have one, it’s typically small, narrow, or square shaped.

  11. Which Garden Furniture Is Best For Country Living?

    In recent years, the exodus from city life has become more prevalent, as people find themselves unhappy with the constant hustle and bustle. While there’s pretty city lights, nights out, and striking architecture to be found, there’s usually little greenery, particularly for properties in the city.

  12. Illuminate Your Garden With Outdoor Lighting

    Now that summer is here, spending the evening in your garden is a great way to relax and unwind. While the evenings are lighter, having outdoor lighting allows you to make the most of your patio, so rather than sitting outside until 9pm with a drink or two, you can enjoy the midnight summer heat too.

  13. Creating An Outdoor Living Room For Autumn

    Usually, people cover their garden furniture and close the door to their garden for the autumn months, but with these items of garden furniture you can extend your summer and extend the use of your garden for much longer.

  14. Create An Outdoor Cinema Space In Your Garden

    People are spending more time in their gardens, and with that comes changes in how people use their patio. With outdoor dining experiencing an unprecedented growth during the pandemic, the innovative ways in which people create and use their outdoor spaces has expanded too.

  15. Why You Should Trust White Stores' Garden Furniture

    Buying garden furniture is a big decision, as it’s a purchase that’ll be made with several things in mind – your budget, garden size and its purpose. We’ve all been guilty of buying cheap furniture that breaks or isn’t of the quality to withstand all types of weather.

  16. Turn Your Garden Into An Afternoon Tea Fantasy With White Stores

    With warmer weather comes plenty of opportunities to spend more time in your garden, and when there’s blue skies with the sun shining bright and a gentle breeze, it’s the ideal time for an afternoon tea.

  17. Come Rain or Shine, Spend Your Time Outside With White Stores

    Every year there’s talk of heatwaves, with the promise of the hottest summer yet. With those promises comes people scrambling to get their garden ready. Usually, the weather is unpredictable and one moment it’ll be scorching hot and then the next moment, you’ll end up soaked.

  18. Why Buy Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture

    Authentic rattan garden furniture is not often available in the UK as the UK’s weather conditions do not do well with genuine rattan. Authentic rattan tends to rot when exposed to damp conditions making it impossible to leave outside without constant maintenance.