There are many different types of garden furniture available, but rattan garden furniture has consistently been the firm favourite, among businesses and consumers alike, for quite some time. Here, we have revealed why rattan stays on top.

Weatherproof Design

We all love to hate the UK’s temperamental weather, but rattan thrives in this climate. Not only is it extremely resistant to rain, frost and snow but it is also enjoyable on those rare scorching days we enjoy so much.

High quality rattan is resistant to rust and therefore rain does not affect it, nor does it cause mould like on some other furniture. Equally, in the cold weather, high quality rattan will not go brittle and snap like some plastics. Plus, in the hot weather, it is still bearable to sit on unlike some metals that become too warm and uncomfortable and it is UV resistant so it will not bleach or fade like some woods. This makes it ideal to be left outside all year round in the UK’s seasonal weather.


Low Maintenance

On the back of being incredibly weatherproof, this also means that rattan is extremely low maintenance. You won’t have to spend hours scrubbing the furniture clean before you can use it, nor will you have to regularly top up with weatherproof paint.

To really make your rattan furniture virtually maintenance free, we recommend purchasing a garden furniture cover to go with it. This way, you won’t even have to give your furniture a wipe down before use to get rid of any fallen leaves or other dirt. The cover will catch these items, so that you can simply remove and sit.

Rattan garden furniture has

consistently been the firm favourite

Trendy Designs

With rattan furniture it is easy to stay on trend. As our needs as consumers evolve, so does rattan garden furniture. This can be shown in recent designs that include height adjustable tables, so that you can change your table to suit the occasion, modular furniture that can be adjusted to different setups to suit individual gardens, and firepit sets which allow us to spend more time in the garden.

With so many styles available from dining to sofa sets to sun loungers and more, rattan looks amazing in any garden and is timeless, lasting for years and still looking just as good as when you first bought it.


Colour Choices

There are a huge range of colours to choose from when choosing your rattan garden furniture including natural colours like willow and brown, and more modern colours in varying shades of grey.

This means that whether you have a traditional or a modern looking garden, there is always something to match your space and your preferred tastes.


Extreme Comfort

When looking for furniture the main thing you consider is comfort. Rattan furniture is not only durable and sturdy but is also incredibly comfortable. Most rattan furniture comes with thick padded cushions with add to the comfort.

Plus, with great features like reclining backs and other stylish designs, rattan garden furniture can become just as comfortable as your indoor sofa.

Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Speaking of your indoor sofa, did you know that rattan garden furniture can be used indoors? Rattan is the perfect addition to conservatories or summer houses.

This helps to blend your inside and outside spaces, especially as the conservatory often leads through to the garden, which makes the garden appear as an extension of your home, rather than a separate space.


Cost Effective

Whilst it may not be the cheapest garden furniture on the market, it’s not the most expensive either and what you get for your money is totally worth the price. Rattan is incredibly long-lasting and will last upwards of 5 years, some sets being known to last way more than 20 years!

This means that you won’t have to replace the furniture regularly and therefore becomes a truly cost-effective purchase.


If you’re looking for the perfect rattan garden furniture set for your garden, make sure you visit one of our garden furniture showrooms where you can test and measure the furniture in person, as well as getting great advice and style tips from our helpful sales advisors.