If you prefer your garden free from clutter with only the basic needs for enjoying your outdoor space, you can achieve that minimalistic garden and keep everything stylish with these top tips.

When you think of minimalist designs you think of sleek lines, neutral colours and basic necessities. We believe there is a way to achieve this look in your garden with some popular forms of garden furniture such as aluminium, outdoor fabric and even rattan garden furniture.

Outdoor Fabric

Outdoor fabric sofa sets are the perfect way to create a minimalist design in your garden. The sofas are modern and interesting enough that you don’t have to jazz them up with scatter cushions or other decorative materials. The weatherproof fabric can be left outside all year and this means your garden will always retain its stylish look and you won’t have to think about places to store the furniture, nor will you have to cover it with an ugly outdoor cover that subtracts from your stylish garden.

A weatherproof fabric dining set is another great way to achieve a basic yet stylish garden design. Often the fabric dining chairs are accompanied with a sleek table design that doesn’t require any fancy mechanics or additions to look great.

sleek lines, neutral

colours and basic necessities.

Aluminium Furniture

Aluminium is the perfect furniture for a minimalistic garden approach. This is thanks to the sleek lines and modern colours like white and anthracite. We recommend aluminium sofa sets for a chic and modern look that doesn’t require any additional clutter. One simple corner sofa set will be plenty of room for your family and guests to enjoy the garden space so you won’t have to continuously add seating to your garden which can look cluttered.

Another great form of aluminium furniture to relax on is an aluminium sun lounger. These modern and sleek designs look far more minimal and modern that any plastic or wooden loungers that require extra cushions to not only make them look more attractive but to make them comfortable and enjoyable to use. An aluminium lounger with cushion included will be comfortable and require no additions.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Whilst rattan is not traditionally thought of for a minimalist design, it can be used to declutter your garden and therefore make your area as a whole more simple and discreet. To do this you can use a rattan storage box which will allow you to safely store any garden furniture cushions you may have but also, the kids’ toys, bikes, and any other garden item that you want to keep hidden away until it is actually in use.

The great thing about a rattan storage box is that it will match any existing rattan furniture you have, which helps it to blend in and not take focus away from your actual furniture. This means that people will focus on the area of the garden that you want them to enjoy and not any mess that lurks within the box.


If you’re looking to achieve this understated garden look but still enjoy the wonders of comfortable and modern garden furniture, we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms where you can get advice and see examples on how to accomplish this stunning look.