Choosing outdoor furniture is a fun yet tricky task. It can be difficult to know which styles will complement your outdoor space. So, we have revealed the best garden furniture to match decking, patios, and all garden spaces.

Outdoor Patios

The most popular colours for outdoor patios are sandy, stone, grey or a mixture of all. To get the best look for your patio, there are certain colours of furniture that will match these patio colours, so here are our recommendations:

Sandy Patio – If you have a sandy coloured patio then more natural colours will look good against this. Think brown and natural rattans or white aluminium.

Stone Patio – For a stoney colour you can really have the best of everything, most colours are likely to match as the colour is soft and will complement lots of greys as well as the more natural colours.

Grey Patio – If you have a darker grey patio then light greys, and whitewash colours are the perfect choice. Avoid natural colours as these will look too harsh in contrast.

Choosing outdoor

furniture is a fun yet

tricky task.

Patio Accessories

The best accessories for your patio, to complete the look are:

Outdoor Firepit – Firepits are a brilliant way to make your cold patio appear more cosy. Stick to the same colour recommendations as above and try to match your furniture where possible. Concrete firepits will look better against patio than metal firepit bowls.

Outdoor Rugs – Another way to improve the look of your patio is an outdoor rug. Outdoor rugs work particularly well on patios as they make the area appear warmer and more inviting.

Parasols and Bases – Be sure to get yourself a parasol and parasol base to protect you from the sun. Choose a parasol that matches your furniture and for a base, both concrete and plastic will look fine on patio.

Outdoor Decking

The most widely used colours for decking are a natural wood colour, a darker tan colour and a grey colour. Again, each colour looks better complemented with certain types of garden furniture, here are our recommendations:

Natural Wood – A natural wood decking looks great when paired with dark brown rattan, silver metal or aluminium furniture and darker woods. Avoid matching the wood of your decking to the wood of your furniture as it will blend in and get lost, rather than match and look pretty.

Tan Decking – For a more orangey or deeper brown wood you could opt for light grey or white aluminium, dark brown rattan or light brown wood.

Grey Decking – Grey decking is very modern and therefore modern furniture styles should accompany it, we like grey rattan or anthracite aluminium against a grey deck.


Decking Accessories

The best accessories for your decking, to complete the look are:

Chimenea – Chimeneas look stunning against both natural and tan woods as they make for a very traditional appearance.

Aluminium firepit – For your grey decking opt for a dark grey aluminium firepit table instead as this will add to the modern appearance.

Patio Heater – You will be able to find patio heaters that match all decking styles. These will add both light and heat to your decking area, allowing you to remain outside for longer.


No matter what garden space you have, there is garden furniture to match each area and often these can be very versatile if you plan to switch from a decking area to a patio or vice versa.

If you need help choosing the perfect furniture for your outdoor space be sure to book a virtual showroom tour to take a look at all the different garden furniture collections we have on offer.