It’s unlikely that many of us consider using our gardens in the winter, but we’re great believers that a garden should be an extension of your home and you wouldn’t want a room in your home that you didn’t use for 6 months of the year. So, we’ve revealed our top tips to make your garden useable this winter.

"Rattan garden furniture is fully weatherproof and designed to survive frost and colder temperatures."

- White Stores

Weatherproof Garden Furniture

If you want to use your garden throughout the autumn and winter months then you are going to need somewhere to sit and it needs to be somewhere that you don’t have to worry about bringing in and out to protect it from the elements. Rattan garden furniture is fully weatherproof and designed to survive frost and colder temperatures, even temperatures that reach minus numbers.

Your garden furniture cushions will need to be stored indoors, but simply bringing your cushions out when needed is much simpler than having to move furniture in and out.

For an extra layer of protection that will keep your furniture clean and ready to use, we recommend a weather resistant garden furniture cover.


Outdoor Lighting

As we all know, it gets dark very quickly during the winter so if you don’t want your evening getting cut short then you will need some outdoor lighting. Solar lighting is not ideal for this time of year as they may not get enough sunlight to even turn on, so you will need something permanent. Battery powered lights can make a nice alternative to solar lights but often they aren’t very bright.

We recommend an outdoor patio heater as a source of outdoor lighting. Not only do they generate a powerful source of light that will light up your whole patio area, but they also offer plenty of heat which is also ideal for the winter.

Firepits & Fire Bowls

Firepits are the most popular trend for the cooler months. Not only do they look stunning, but they also generate a pleasant heat which allows you and your guests to sit outdoors comfortably. Our range of firepit coffee tables and firepit dining tables are gas firepits and are easy to use and control the height and strength of the flame via a simple control panel.


Storage Bags & Boxes

We’ve spoken about how you will need to store your cushions away, well often people fling them into the shed and forget about them, meaning they gather dust and become dirty. A brilliant way to avoid this and keep your cushions clean and ready to use is a storage box or bag. Storage bags will hold all of your cushions and allow you to put the bag within your shed or garage to keep them clean and dry.

These garden furniture pieces are perfect for making your garden an enjoyable space throughout autumn and winter. If you need help choosing your weatherproof garden furniture, we recommend visiting one of our showrooms to see the furniture in person and get advice and knowledge from our team of experts.