Are you looking out at your garden longingly, waiting for spring or summer to use your garden? With these practical tips, you can use your garden year-round without waiting for the warmer months.

"Rattan garden furniture is by far the most durable when it comes to using in winter."

- White Stores

Choose Materials Wisely

If you want to use your garden year-round, it is important that you choose weather-hardy materials that will withstand cold and damp conditions, without impacting your enjoyment of the furniture. This rules out wood and steel as wood will crumble and steel will rust.

The best types of garden furniture for winter are rattan garden furniture – with powder coated aluminium frames – aluminium, and specific outdoor fabrics (although outdoor fabric may be tricky to use in damp conditions as it needs time to dry out).

Rattan garden furniture is fully weatherproof and by far the most durable when it comes to using in winter. We recommend you look for HDPE rattan with powder coated aluminium frames as this is superior quality. Any rattan with steel frames and PVC rattan is just as likely to rust and go brittle as steel or wood furniture so make sure you check the spec.

Aluminium is also fully weatherproof but requires a little more maintenance than rattan to ensure it is kept clean.

Outdoor fabric is brilliant for the colder months as it doesn’t need to be covered and can be used straight away. However, in the damp months, it will be trickier to get use out of as it needs a good period in the sun to dry out.


Introduce Extra Lights

In winter the days are shorter, and the evenings are darker, which means you have less time to enjoy your outdoor space – unless you add extra light to your space. In the winter, solar lights are not ideal, so a patio light is a great option. Our outdoor heaters double up as patio lights so you can enjoy extra warmth and light in your garden.

Add A Firepit

Beyond just the type of furniture you choose, you want your outdoor experience in the winter to be enjoyable and warm. A firepit set not only really anchors a seating area to create a wonderful focal point but it provides both light and warmth – crucial for time outdoors in the winter.

Our gas firepits are the perfect choice for all-year-round because they do not produce thick black smoke like log or coal burners which can really ruin the ambiance, and they do not leave a smoky smell that clings to your clothes.


Location, Location, Location

Try moving your garden furniture closer to the house, this might mean you use it more often rather than having to cross the garden to get to it. The added warmth and light from the house will encourage you to take a seat outside more often and enjoy the fresh air.

If you’re looking to use your furniture this winter and looking to purchase new or add accessories that make your garden more accessible, we recommend visiting one of our showrooms.