Since 1979, Star Wars Day has been unofficially celebrated by fans all around the world. Coined by the phrase ‘May the 4th be with you’, the sci-fi franchise has become a massive part of modern culture, and since its acquisition by Disney, it’s become more of a global celebration.

People host movie nights, quizzes, and put on all sorts of events to celebrate the franchise. In honour of this year’s celebration, we thought we’d pick our garden furniture recommendations for the light and dark side of the force to chill-out on. After all, even at White Stores we think Darth Vader needs an outdoor space!

The Light Side

In Star Wars the light side is often associated with the Rebels and Jedi, and even Yoda needs to put his feet up after defending the galaxy. The Rebels and Jedi’s colour scheme is white, beige and cream which would work well with our rattan garden furniture.

For laying out their plans on how to defend the galaxy, an extending table is crucial, so the Ciara collection would be a good choice. With its left/right hand configuration and foot stools, it gives some flexibility. It would look nice in willow, which would match the Jedi robes, too.

While there’s a lot of time spent rebelling against the Empire, the Rebels try to find time to loosen up wherever possible. Our Classic dining collection features the Cambridge range, which offers the best of casual dining.

Offering rectangular and square tables, with the option of a firepit, it’s great for an informal gathering over food, or convening and discussing plans well into the night. There’s also a variety of seating options, including reclining sides, footstools, and benches.

But what about when they’re celebrating a victory? Well, the Deluxe Hampton range is the essential garden furniture set for entertaining and celebrating.

This large corner sofa combines a left-hand piece, a right-hand piece and two modular pieces and a rounded corner piece which can be arranged into multiple layouts. It also comes with a large footstool and a coffee table, meaning you can even fit a Wookie if needed.

While everyone needs to take a seat from time to time, what about taking shelter? From Hoth to Naboo, there’s all sorts of unpredictable weather. We think our collection of aluminium pergolas would be perfect, as they’re weatherproof and durable.

Even Yoda needs to

put his feet up after

defending the galaxy.

The Dark Side

Have you ever wondered what a Star Wars villain’s garden would look like? Its hard work being evil and trying to rule the galaxy, so we have it on good authority even the most notorious of villains love to sit back and relax

Star Wars villains are known for their dark colour palette and sleek, metallic costume and vehicle designs. With their sharp, weather-resistant and AkzoNobel powder-coated models and colour options of dark grey, grey, and white, we think the aluminium collection would suit them perfectly.

The Enna corner sofa set range is exactly what’s needed after the Stormtroopers have been conquering the galaxy. This corner sofa set can recline, allowing even the most notorious to sit back with ease. There’s a coffee table to place their blasters and helmets on, and it also has the option of lounge chairs, which are not only incredibly comfortable but great for seating more people.

A lot of Star Wars villains like to host formal events and meals, so we could imagine them with an outdoor dining set from either the Venice or Roma range. Both come with the option of eight seats, these sets would be perfect for hosting in a grand setting.

Both the Venice and Roma has the option of a 2m x 1m rectangular firepit table, which is great for getting down to business, or a 1.8m round table offers a more intimate setting, perfect for striking deals across the galaxy.

Not every bad guy appreciates aluminium, so that’s why we’ve got the fabric collection! If Boba Fett has been out all day, he’ll want to relax in style, so the Eden corner sofa not only features the lavish cushioning associated with our fabric range, but it comes with a coffee table and a footstool, meaning he can have company if he likes.

There’s also the Budda fabric sofa set which is great for those that like their personal space (we’re looking at you, Kylo Ren). This large sofa set comes with three modular pieces and one left and right arm piece that can be used as separate chairs.

It has a large footstool and comes with scatter cushions, so there’s somewhere to rest a lightsaber, too. With it being weatherproof, the furniture can be left out all-year round, so no matter the planet it’s on, it’ll keep villainous tempers at bay as it’s easy to clean and there’s plenty of room to unwind and entertain!

The final touch we think a villain would need is a parasol, why? Because usually wearing armour and black is tough in hot climates. Whether they’re sitting on their patio on Tatooine or hosting a meal on Mustafar, a parasol always comes in handy.

Storage Wars

Regardless of being on the light side or dark side, storage is a necessity across all galaxies, and where do you think Darth Vader keeps his birthday suit?

We have a selection of storage boxes which would be suitable for either the Rebels or Empire. There’s enough space in them to hide an astromech droid or cushions. Coming in rattan and aluminium, our storage boxes come in two sizes, small and large.

Our storage boxes are durable and weatherproof, the rattan boxes have weather resistant lining and hydraulic arms. Whereas the aluminium storage boxes are powder coated with AkzoNobel and has a mesh bottom to release moisture.

Despite the differing details, all our storage boxes come with a two-year guarantee.

If you’d like to create your own Star Wars inspired garden and celebrate May the 4th in an intergalactic fashion, then explore our Nova Outdoor Living range at one of our showrooms or website.