Like many things, rattan furniture varies in style, price and quality. If you’re looking for premium rattan furniture, then there are plenty of top quality pieces on offer, but you must know what you are looking for in order to come away with a top deal as well as premium quality furniture.

Premium Rattan Furniture

Premium rattan furniture will be manufactured using the finest synthetic rattan materials. The three different materials used to create rattan furniture are PVC, PU and PE rattan. PVC and PU are the cheaper options and often only come with a one-year warranty. However, PE is a top quality synthetic rattan that often comes with a 5-10-year warranty. PE rattan is also eco-friendly and fully recyclable, unlike PVC and PU.

However, in recent times you will find a new wave of metal pergolas taking the market by storm and these are special thanks to the fact that their roofs can be opened and closed which is perfect not just for shade but also for protection against other elements such as rain and wind. Materials such as aluminium are also more weather-resistant than wood and require less maintenance, which is ideal for our busy modern lifestyles.

PE rattan is significantly better as it offers 100% weatherproof use making it safe for your furniture to be left outside all year round. PE rattan is resistant to UV rays so that your furniture colouring will not fade, protected against snow and frost so that your rattan will not crack or go brittle, and water-resistant, ideal for the British climate.

There are also many different styles of rattan including flat weave, half round, and rod weave. Flat weave is the most common and the most universal as it is the lightest of all the weaves. Rod weave is a significantly heavier and more durable weave which will last much longer than standard flat weave. Half round finds itself somewhere in between the two, with rod weave being the most luxurious and of premium quality of the three. The thicker the weave the better the quality so it is important to compare mm thickness.

there are plenty of top quality

pieces on offer, but you must know

what you are looking for

Other Materials?

Premium rattan will have 100% powder coated aluminium frames. Cheaper sets may use steel which is not only much heavier but will rust when left outside. Premium rattan furniture sets will only use aluminium framework as this means no rust or corrosion when exposed to damp weather conditions. This allows you to leave your furniture outside all year round without covering and without any form of weather damage. Steel frames are around 30-50% cheaper than aluminium furniture due to the higher cost of premium aluminium.

Another feature to look for when trying to distinguish between premium rattan furniture and less durable sets is assembly. Lower quality sets will require lots of home assembly and often use bolts and screws which can come loose making your furniture likely to fall apart after a few years of use. Premium furniture will often see chairs and sofa pieces arrive with no assembly required. These pieces will have welded frames for a sturdier and more durable construction.

Cushions also make a huge difference to the quality of your garden furniture. Fabric thickness is crucial and the thicker your cushion the more comfortable and less susceptible to wear and tear it will be. Additionally, for fade resistant cushions you should look for cushions made with both Polyester and Acrylic yarns or 100% acrylic fabrics.


Some crucial features that make rattan garden furniture premium quality are things such as adjustable feet and stainless-steel parasol holes. Adjustable feet are ideal for uneven patios or lawns to keep your set at an even height. These adjustable feet can be the difference between a wobbly set or premium comfort. Stainless-steel parasol holes are a great addition to a dining set as they give you a secure place for a parasol, which is perfect to protect you and your guests from the sun’s rays.

Rattan garden furniture with all of these premium qualities will require very little maintenance and will be incredibly long-lasting. If you are unsure if the set you have chosen is of a premium quality we suggest visiting a showroom where possible and speaking to a sales advisor who will be able to tell you the details on your chosen furniture.