Many of us buy garden furniture during the spring and summer months when we will be using it regularly. Leaving your furniture outside during these summer months is perfectly fine when the weather is less temperamental and you are less likely to incur weather damage. However, depending on your furniture materials, you may need to store your furniture away during the winter months. Rattan garden furniture can be left outside all year round but other materials such as hardwood or some metals are not as durable and need to be stored away.

Other reasons you may need to store your furniture away is if you have limited space and need to reduce cramped areas when you are not using the furniture. Or, it is now the winter and you are aware you won’t be using your furniture, so you wish to keep it out of the way.


We recommend thinking about your storage space when buying your furniture and not as an afterthought. However, if you haven’t thought about this and are worried about protecting your furniture during the colder months we recommend a garden furniture cover. As we have mentioned, rattan garden furniture can be left outside all year round, but many people prefer to cover it during the winter as extra protection, so we have developed an extensive range of covers. These garden furniture covers are weatherproof, water resistant, fade resistant and extremely protective.

If you have not yet bought your garden furniture and are worried about limited or lack of storage space, we have some great recommendations for you.


Cube Sets

Cube Sets are an ideal piece of garden furniture for those with limited storage space but don’t want to compromise on the size of their furniture. Most rattan cube sets come with a dining table, chairs and footstools so there is plenty of room for you and your guests. With all that room you’re probably thinking they must be difficult to store but the clever thing about cube sets is that all of the footstools and chairs fold down or stack on top of each other so that they can be slid under the table to form a perfect cube. This means you will only need space big enough for the size of the dining table if you are planning on storing this away. Or, if you just need the extra room when not in use, the clever cube set is the perfect solution for you.

You may need to store

your furniture away during the

winter months.

Stacking Chairs

Another ideal storage solution is stacking chairs. Many rattan dining sets come with stacking chairs. The chairs can be stacked up on top of one another – often in groups of three – to create extra space in the garden or to take up less space when being stored away in a garage or shed.


Storage Boxes

Additionally, garden furniture cushions should be stored away when not in use as, unlike the rattan garden furniture itself, they are not weatherproof and can be damaged. However, lots of people don’t want garden furniture cushions taking up space in their home, so we suggest a cushion storage box. Cushion storage boxes come in many shapes and sizes and you can often find one to match your existing furniture. If you have rattan garden furniture there are many rattan storage boxes available which are ideal for storing your cushions in.

However, these cushion storage boxes are not always completely watertight which means some water could get in and damage the cushions. To avoid this, we recommend a water-resistant cover or a cushion storage bag. Simply place the cushions inside the bag and then the bag inside the storage box. This is an extremely stylish and practical way to store your cushions when not in use so that they do not take up room in your house.

We recommend rattan garden furniture as the best furniture to buy if you do plan on moving your furniture in and out of storage as it is lightweight and easy to maneuver, especially compared to other common garden furniture materials such as wood or iron. Plus, these other materials are often chunky and large, taking up much more space whereas rattan garden furniture is designed to be sleek and slender.