You’ve decided to treat yourself to a brand new Napoleon grill barbecue for the pending summer, and you’re itching to get the flames going and the sausages sizzling. We don’t blame you.

But wait! Before you do anything on your Napoleon BBQ make sure that you’ve completed these 5 things to ensure the best grilling experience for you and new barbecue. Get to grips with your Napoleon manual and follow these five steps.

Secure the electrodes

Whilst you’re assembling your new grill, make sure that the electrodes are seated securely in the connectors. You can find the electrodes under the control panel or inside the grill cabinet. Remember, if your barbecue has a power cord, make sure that it’s plugged in.

Connect the burners

The burners on your new grill should be seated properly and secure in the value. This part is crucial as any bump or interference could dislodge the connection. To check, lift up the sear plates and you should see if the burners are in the housing correctly.

We know it’s

tempting to jump

straight into grilling

It’s best to leak test

Make sure you’re familiar with how to perform a leak test! This should be done at least twice a year, even if your BBQ grill is brand new or older and used. To perform a leak test on the grill, brush each connection where you have gas flowing, including propane tank connectors and burner connections, with a 50/50 mix of water and dish soap.

You don’t want to see bubbles when the gas is turned on. If there are bubbles, turn off your gas and tighten the connections. Repeat until there are no bubbles.

Season the grids

We know it’s tempting to jump straight into grilling, but seasoning the grids on your barbecue is an important step for grill maintenance and will help create a nonstick surface for your BBQ food.

Rub the grids on both sides with a high-temperature fat like vegetable shortening or lard and heat the grill to a high temperature (around 400°F to 500°F) for at least 15 minutes. These fats will bond to the cast iron or stainless steel cooking grids of your Napoleon BBQ.

Complete this step every 4 to 6 grilling sessions to keep the nonstick qualities performing their best.

Be patient with the gas

Your Napoleon barbecue is new, so the air lines need to be purged by the propane or natural gas before lighting the grill.

To do so, open the propane gas tank and slowly turn the control knob on your grill that’s closest to the gas source. Do this for a few seconds to purge the air lines before trying to ignite. Don’t worry if this does not happen the first time. Keep trying and once you have lit the first burner the rest should light easily.

It’s now time to grab those steaks and let your culinary skills take flight on your fully prepared Napoleon BBQ.

Become king of the barbecue and grill some tasty treats for the whole family. We want to see what you create on the grill, so make sure you’re tagging us on Instagram and Facebook posts. What are you cooking first?

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