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Buying Guides - Muck Boots

Who are The Original Muck Boot Company?

What makes Muck Boots so special?

Loved by the likes of fashionistas Gok Wan and Jessica Sarah Parker, Muck Boots perfectly mix comfort, practicality and top quality design. Who would have believed the humble Wellington Boot could be this cool, hip and trendy. But there's substance to all of this style as well. Muck Boots keep your feet absolutely dry and warm in even the harshest of conditions. Yes, that includes the wettest of great British summers!

What is XpressCool?

XpressCool is The Original Muck Boot Company's exclusive anti-perspiration lining that enables you to wear your Muck Boots all-year round. The diagram below shows how the XpressCool technology actually works to keep your feet feeling comfortable in both warm and cold weather.

How do I work out the right size of Muck Boot for me?

Most of the Muck Boots are a unisex fit which are suitable for use by both women and men. Women should order their Muck Boots one size down from the men's size in our selection on the White Stores website. If you are a half size in boots, men should order the next size of Muck Boot up and women should order the next size down.

Are the Muck Boots really 100% waterproof?

Yes, unlike a typical work boot or hiking shoe, the Neoprene rubber material used in Muck Boots is self-insulating and 100% waterproof.

What's the best way to clean my Muck Boots?

The rubber shell and nylon upper on a Muck Boot are very easy to clean, with either a quick spray of water or by gently scrubbing with soap and water. The rubber upper can also be conditioned with wax polish or liquid detergent. However, this type of conditioner is not recommended for use on the outsole areas because the boots may become slick in icy or wet conditions.

Can the Muck Boots be repaired if damaged?

Yes, the natural rubber on a Muck Boot can be repaired with sealant sold in any hardware store. To repair a boot, first thoroughly clean the punctured area with white spirit then apply the sealant and wipe to a thin film. Leave the sealant to dry for at least 24 hours before using the boot again. Please check with the manufacturer's instructions for further information about the maintenance and repair of Muck Boots.