Christmas Storage Solutions

You won't need to house your precious ornaments in a plastic bag or old plastic tub any longer, thanks to our range of storage chests that allow you to store each bauble or ornament safely away to prevent damages. Plus, our artificial tree bags keep your Christmas tree free from dirt and make it much easier to store between uses.

Christmas Storage

SShop our fantastic range of Christmas Storage below. Keep your artificial Christmas trees, baubles, and ornaments safe between Christmases with one of our fantastic storage solutions.  Don't try and cram your tree back into the box it arrived in, use one of our handy Christmas tree storage bags to keep it protected and store easily in the loft or chosen storage area.  You want to make sure your favourite Christmas decorations are safely stored so that they are easy to find, unpack and put up the following year. But, it’s not always that easy! Most Christmas decorations are oddly shaped.  Our Christmas storage chests are perfect for decorations of all shapes and sizes.


Also, some have lights that need special attention with packing. Plus, there’s the Christmas tree! Indeed, there are so many considerations to packing and storing your Christmas decorations. What you need right now is a modern, sturdy storage solution like one of our chests that can fit your decorations. It also needs to prevent dust and other elements from entering and spoiling your decorations. Thankfully, some bags do just that, they provide neat and easy storage solutions for your Christmas decorations. They can protect your Christmas ornaments from wear and tear while being stored away. They are storage bags that take away the stress of packing and storing Christmas decorations. 

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Christmas Decorations Storage Solutions

What’s the Best Way to Store Christmas Decorations?

Many DIY storage hacks suggest wrapping your Christmas accessories in old plastics and storing your trees in tubes. These are all great tips and could help you get started with storing your decorations. However, these DIYs are just one option. Thankfully, there are more accessible and flexible choices nowadays, like readily designed Christmas storage bags and chests.

With the help of these sturdy storage solutions, you can pack your decorations with ease. They are lightweight, easy to use, and functional. It is also easily identifiable, which is perfect for finding them in the loft or garage next year.

It will also protect your decorations from getting damaged, which can happen when using DIY storage techniques, especially when not done correctly.

The best part about investing in a Christmas storage bag or chest is that they can keep your ornaments clean from dust and mould because they are durable.

Below are some ideas on the type of Christmas storage bags or chests that you could buy, depending on the items you need to store:

Storage for your Christmas Tree

There are Christmas storage bags that are specifically designed to store your artificial Christmas tree. As long as you choose the right Christmas tree bag that fits the height of your tree, then you should be able to store them in a bag with ease. 

Storage for your Christmas Ornaments

Another type of Christmas storage bag should be able to house and store multiple Christmas ornaments, all at once.

These bags have sections or dividers, so you can separate each ornament and prevent the items from rubbing on each other. This will ensure that the decorations stay in top shape even as years pass. 

Depending on the size of the bag, you can store hundreds of ornaments, making it an efficient storage option.

Where can you keep your Christmas storage bags at home?

After investing in Christmas storage bags or chests and storing your Christmas decorations inside them, the next part is to figure out where you should keep these bags in your home.

If you are lucky, you will have enough space on your property to store your decorations. These could be in your garage, your basement or loft, or in a shed in your garden. Just remember that you have to keep the bags in an area where they won’t get chewed by rodents!

However, some people may find it challenging to find a convenient space in their homes. If this is the case, you will have to incorporate a little creativity into creating a suitable area to store your Christmas bags in.

Below are some ideas you can try:

Create an Overhead Storage

Lower spaces of a home are almost always already filled with drawers and cabinets. These areas are where your usual, day to day items stay so that they are within arm’s reach when you need them. 

However, there are plenty of overhead spaces. If you try, you can create overhead storage in a part of your home with a higher ceiling. A great place to start would be your garage.

With a shelf that is out of your way, it won’t disrupt your routine but will effectively store the bags that contain your Christmas tree and ornaments. 

Use Your Wardrobe Area

You can also try to repurpose a section of your wardrobe to house your Christmas storage bags. You can place them in the bottom of your hanging racks or store them above your cabinet. This is an excellent option for when you want to conceal the bags from daily view but have no other space in the house to do so.

Designate a Space

When possible, provide a designated space in your home for your Christmas decorations. This should be a planned consideration, even before purchasing your decorations. Planning long term with regards to your house’s storage space is essential if you want to keep your home nice and tidy.

FAQ's About Fireplace Decorations

Decorating your home with Christmas ornaments is always fun. There is so much you can do to make your fireplace Christmassy. So much so that sometimes, it might be hard to know where to start.

Aside from the usual stockings, trees, and wreaths, below is a list of a few more Christmas fireplace decoration favourites:

Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a must in any Christmas decoration. The fireplace already lights up from the warm fire that glows from it. But, adding sparkly and colourful lights that twinkle to the beat of your Christmas music will make the room brighter and merrier.

Santa Figures

Santa Claus figures are always a firm and traditional favourite sure to bring a festive smile and a reminder of who might be coming down the chimney in the not too distant future!

Nutcracker Figures

Another Christmas character that you can display around your fireplace is the Nutcracker. 

There are plenty of indoor Nutcracker figures to choose from and they come in various designs and sizes. You can choose figures that fit the colour scheme of the rest of your Christmas decorations. 

Of course, choose ones that are sturdy and well-crafted. You will be placing them near the fire, so they should be fire retardant.

Lighted Reindeer Figures

Choose from Santa's reindeers and display them near your fireplace for added flair. Of course, you can add them all if you want! When else would you see these winter creatures huddled together in a warm atmosphere like your living room? 

There are plenty of quality indoor reindeer figures that have LED lights that would look great around your fireplace. Be sure to check the specifications on the products to ensure that they can be displayed in your fireplace.

Christmas Garlands

A classic fireplace decoration includes beautiful garlands running around your fireplace and its mantlepiece. It's such a welcoming sight for visitors, and for Santa too, when he comes down your chimney on Christmas Eve.

To make things more interesting, you can choose Christmas garlands with LED lights. You can control your room's look and feel by choosing different LED colours for your garland display. You can choose warm colours, or multicoloured lights, or bright and blue colours.

Safety is always a priority. We all want a fun and safe Christmas. So, avoiding accidents during the holidays is a priority.

Below is a list of things to take into consideration to make sure that you decorate your fireplace safely:

  • Choose Christmas decorations made from fire-resistant materials and accessories
  • Keep combustible materials at least 3-feet away from the open flame of your fireplace.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher available and ready as an added precaution.
  • Clean your fireplace before decorating it to prevent soot and other dirt from piling up that could increase the chances of a fire accident
  • Consider putting a spark screen or guard on your fireplace. This prevents embers from flying out.

Safely store your Christmas decorations with the quality Christmas storage bags and chests available at White Stores. Having these durable and dependable storage solutions at home will allow you to keep your ornaments safe for a long time. Visit the shop’s site now and order for delivery!

A wide variety of Christmas fireplace decorations are available at White Stores! Order online and start creating that perfect Christmas fireplace for you and your family to enjoy.