Christmas Tree Skirts

This collection of Christmas Tree Skirts offers an exciting and stylish way to vamp up your Christmas tree and make it stand out against your friend's and family's trees for the most stylish tree around. Disguising ugly tree stands, these tree skirts offer the illusion of a real tree.

Christmas Tree Skirts

OOur Christmas tree skirts are the perfect finishing touch to your Christmas Tree. Whether you choose a traditional wicker tree skirt or one of our modern new metal tree rings, they will instantly give your Christmas Tree a more festive feel whilst tidying any loose wires away for safety.

These Christmas accessories are all made using strong, durable and long-lasting materials which can be used year after year. For colour advice we recommend whites, greys and silvers to match snowy trees, and golds, browns, greens and reds to match green trees.

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  1. 70cm Willow Christmas Tree Skirt Ring - Brown
    70cm Willow Christmas Tree Skirt
    From £17.99
    Save 55%
    • £39.99
    • £24.99
    3 Stars 5
    In Stock & Delivered In 2 - 3 Working Days
  2. 60cm Willow Christmas Tree Skirt - Brown A
    Most Wanted
    60cm Willow Christmas Tree Skirt
    • £29.99
    4 Stars 5
    In Stock & Delivered In 2 - 3 Working Days
  3. 70cm Square Willow Christmas Tree Skirt - Brown
    70cm Square Willow Christmas Tree Skirt
    From £14.99
    Save 63%
    • £39.99
    • £24.99
    In Stock & Delivered In 2 - 3 Working Days
  4. Square 60cm Willow Tree Ring A
    Reduced To Clear
    60cm Square Willow Tree Skirt
    From £6.99
    Save 77%
    • £29.99
    • £9.99
    In Stock & Delivered In 2 - 3 Working Days
  5. 70cm Metal Christmas Tree Skirt - Gold A
    70cm Round Metal Tree Skirt
    From £29.99
    Save 40%
    • £49.99
    • £39.99
    In Stock & Delivered In 2 - 3 Working Days
  6. 60cm Metal Christmas Tree Skirt - Gold A
    Most Wanted
    60cm Round Metal Tree Skirt
    From £29.99
    Save 25%
    • £39.99
    • £34.99
    In Stock & Delivered In 2 - 3 Working Days

FAQ's Christmas Tree Skirts

How do I Choose a Christmas Tree Skirt?

Choosing your Christmas tree skirt comes after your tree is up and filled with ornaments. It is designed to cover up the base of the tree, hiding the stand and unsightly wires.  

It is important to choose a tree skirt that matches your overall theme. There are a few options available. There are flashy designs that attract the attention of your guests, so they pay more attention to the Christmas tree area. Other designs are more subtle and look more natural so that the focal point remains on the tree and not on the Christmas tree skirt.

There are two basic options in choosing a Christmas tree skirt. Either do a DIY tree skirt or opt for available items in stores. 

How Can I Make A DIY Christmas Tree Skirt?

DIY options:

Knitted Christmas Tree Skirts

If you want to try your hands at DIY Christmas tree skirts, then a knitted tree skirt is the best place to start. This is especially true if you already know how to knit. And if you don’t, it’s always an easy hobby to learn.

If you don’t want to start from scratch, you could always repurpose existing knitted blankets. Tweak them, so they drape around the base of your Christmas tree. Then, you have created for yourself an almost literal skirt for your Christmas tree. 

Burlap Christmas Tree Skirts

If you want to go eco-friendly and follow a specific budget for your tree skirt, explore the option of creating one with burlap. 

Not only will this save you money, but it will also create this rustic charm for your tree. If your overall Christmas decoration is going for that vintage vibe, this is an excellent addition to your display. 

High-Quality and ready for use Wicker Tree Skirts:

  • Wicker Christmas Tree Skirts

If you like something more natural-looking with earthy undertones, a wicker Christmas tree skirt is the best fit. 

The weaves, also known as the wicker effect, create a fantastic view that completes the foot of your Christmas tree. It will help your tree look more natural, especially if your tree is of an artificial kind. 

Metal Christmas Tree Skirts

This type of Christmas tree skirt is another great option to hide away unsightly wires, and tree stands on your Christmas tree. You can choose a design and colour, but the most significant advantage to having a metal material as your skirt is the sturdiness and shine it offers. 

With the right design, you can also help create a more natural look and finish for your tree and make it look less artificial.

Whether you choose the DIY route or opt for products from our store, you have to remember that Christmas comes once a year. Your home decorations deserve all the love and attention it needs to stand out and create a festive atmosphere for your family and guests. Always make sure that you choose items that are safe, secured, and of excellent quality.

FAQ's Reindeer Figures

Do you want to catch people's attention as they pass by your home? Or do you want to impress your family and guests with a splendid outdoor Christmas display? Get some outdoor reindeer lights, and you're sure to wow everyone who sees them!

Since these are outdoor displays, make sure that you check the durability of the items. It should be strong and stay beautiful and functional throughout the winter season. It should be able to stand against strong, cold winds and even heavy snowfall. 

There is also a wide variety of different outdoor reindeer lights available. Want bold and colourful displays? Or prefer subtle and classic reindeer lights? There is always something to suit your taste!

Display them in pairs or more. Our range of designs also makes sure you can stay within your budget. You won't ever need to go over your limit to have a fantastic outdoor lights display. 

Lastly, look for products that come with durable and fade-resistant lights. This assures that your reindeer lights shine throughout the Christmas season.

Here is a list of popular outdoor reindeer light materials to choose from: 

Soft Acrylic Outdoor Reindeer Lights

This material is perfect if you want to achieve a crystal-like look for your reindeer display. It showcases a shiny, elegant, and bright look. 

Soft acrylic is ideal for outdoor display because it is more bendable than hard acrylic. It remains sturdy despite all the shaping it has to go through to achieve the reindeer shape. Safe to say, then, that it won't snap or deform easily.

Plus, the colour goes well with warm or white Christmas lights that weave through it. 

The soft acrylic also lessens the risk of getting cracks and holes when displayed outdoors. So, your family and friends can enjoy the great outdoor view from the beginning of the season until the end.

A rattan outdoor reindeer display is your best bet if you want more colours to choose from. It comes in brown, crystal white, and grey.

You can choose a simple-shaped reindeer with magnificent antlers. You can also go for fun ones dressed in scarves, with red noses to portray Rudolph - the most famous reindeer.

Rattan is a very durable material created for the outdoors. It does not waver no matter the weather, so it is perfect for displaying outside, even in harsh weather. 

Also, go for rattan Christmas displays that have dual power features. That way, you can keep it plugged in or use batteries instead. You'll have the freedom to put it anywhere in your home. You could place them in the garden, your front garden, or even the roof!

Reindeer lights are durable and meant for the outdoors. That said, this doesn't mean that you can mindlessly put them aside without any care. 

If you want to make the most of your outdoor displays, you have to store them properly. This way, you can use them again the following year. And then you can use the money you save to buy even more displays. The more outdoor Christmas decorations, the merrier!

Keep in mind that these displays have lights. Keep them in good condition by securing the lines and lighting wires. 

Next, protect your collection from rust and build-up of dust and dirt. That way, you keep your decor clean and looking fantastic for next year. 

Aside from these general tips, you can always check the instructions on your items. Check the manual upon buying and unboxing, and follow them diligently.