Black Fibre Optic Christmas Trees

Make this Christmas magical with a Fibre Optic Artificial Christmas Tree. Get ready to light up your Christmas this year, thanks to our Fibre Optic Trees and their spectacular displays of colour and light which are sure to impress the whole family.


What is a fibre optic Christmas tree?

A fibre optic tree uses LED technology to create the effect of a tree with lights. Most of the trees will have strands of plastic silica tubes surrounded by a reflective coating, which results in a beautiful display of lights. It works by simply plugging it into a socket, where you will see the ends of the branches light up or flicker between colours.

Are fibre optic Christmas trees safe?

Fibre optic trees have their lights built into the tree branches, whereas pre lit artificial trees have LED lights strung to the branches. According to research, fibre optic xmas trees are very energy efficient as they use 10 times less energy than the average Christmas bulbs. They can also last up to 20 years, making them safe and more economical.

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