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Helping you choose your perfect chair

Our dining chair range is vast, and we offer different collections that’ll suit any garden, regardless of size or season. Whether you want a more traditional set-up with our rattan dining chairs, an inspired aluminium finish or sleek, all-year round fabric dining, then we have something for everyone.


Our multipurpose rattan dining chairs are made with a difference. From the bespoke, hand-made weave to the premium, protective finishes, they’re suitable for every occasion. If you want to sit back and relax in a casual dining lounge chair or enjoy dining beneath the stars without backache, then explore our options below.

Why Rattan?

When you’re sitting back and relaxing, we want you to notice the quality. All our rattan products are made from a PE (Polyethylene) Synthetic weave, which is higher quality when compared to other options on the market such as PU and PVC.

The rattan is treated with a UV additive which makes the rattan more malleable. This means the rattan will not crack or go brittle in higher temperatures, allowing your furniture to be enjoyed all year round.

Their framework is powder-coated aluminium and resistant to rust. The framework is lightweight, so you can change your garden layout with ease. The synthetic weave and aluminium make our sets extremely long-lasting and while our materials are industry-best, we don’t sacrifice comfort.

Our rattan dining chairs offer the highest level of comfort, coming with padded cushions. For the ultimate luxury, we offer options with both seat and back cushions, but for something simpler, chairs with just seat cushions are available.

The cushions are stain-resistant and showerproof but will need to be kept indoors when not in use as they’re not completely weatherproof.

Standard dining chairs

If you’re looking for something small and compact, then our standard dining chairs are just for you. These chairs include the Amelia chair from our Classic collection and the Camilla chair from the Heritage collection. 

These standard dining chairs have a smaller footprint and are fantastic for smaller spaces. While they both have cushioned low backs with a slight recline, the Camilla has curved armrests for that extra bit of comfort. Either way, these chairs offer the right balance between traditional dining chairs and lounge chairs.

Traditional dining chairs

Our traditional dining chairs include the Oyster, Sienna, and Thalia range. These dining chairs represent the best of our Traditional, Classic and Heritage collections.

These ranges are luxurious with their high backs and wide seating which comes with a comfy padded seat and back cushions. Dining traditionally doesn’t have to be boring, and these sets demonstrate that.

They offer luxurious support, perfect for hours spent dining al fresco with loved ones.

Lounge dining chairs

The Olivia and Leeanna chairs from the Classic and Heritage collections are our go-to lounge dining chairs. Their sloping backs, wider profiles, and curved armrests make them comfortable and easy to sink into. The Leeanna adds a bit more width, so you can really snuggle in.

These chairs are great for casual occasions, such as barbeques, a light lunch or for celebrating with champagne. However, they do sit quite low down so if you like to dine formally, they might not be for you.

Reclining dining chairs

The two chairs that offer the reclining feature are the Ruxley from our Classic collection and the Carolina from our Heritage collection.

When upright their high backs provide much-needed support for formal dining moments. When reclined, they change into a lounge chair in which you can spend hours in the sun, laughing, drinking wine, and enjoying snacks!

The chairs use a hydraulic pump to recline in stages, offering multiple angles to suit your personal preference.


Buying aluminium dining chairs can be a tough decision, but with White Stores that decision has been made easier. Unlike most ranges of aluminium chairs, ours are highly weather-resistant and rustproof, meaning you can dine with peace of mind.

The chairs' versatile designs will turn heads and more importantly, be suitable for a variety of dining needs.

Why Aluminium?

All our aluminium furniture is finished with AkzoNobel powder-coating, which is a trusted, industry-leading powder-coating technology and recognised as one of the best in the world.

While our chairs are thoroughly protected and durable, the cushions are not weatherproof and need to be kept inside overnight or when not in use. When cleaning your aluminium chairs be mindful not to jet wash as this can damage the furniture, we recommend using a damp cloth instead.

Standard dining chairs

Our standard dining chairs include the Milano, Roma, and Enna collections. While these dining chairs are used for the same purpose, their different styles bring a different flavour to your dining needs.

The Milano and Roma feature sturdy and supportive armrests which are sleek, and both collections have an arched back providing extra comfort as you dine. However, their backs are differentiated by the design of the material. The Milano has a texteline back and the Roma has a more traditional, padded back.

With a contrasting style, the Enna dining chair is just as stylish with its sunken slatted back and gently curved armrests. The chairs come with thick padded seat and back cushions adding extra comfort and support. And once you’re done with your dining chairs, you can safely stack them too.

Reclining dining chairs

Aluminium isn’t typically associated with easy relaxation, but the Venice range changes that. This dining chair’s modern design has a texteline high-back which provides ample support as you dine in style. While the high-back evokes a more traditional feel, the low armrests bring a lounging sensation to the set.

You can also recline with a push of the button which connects with a hydraulic pump to smoothly recline.

You can choose from multiple positions, which makes switching from dining to sunbathing easy and ensures this is the ultimate outdoor relaxation that can last all day. Just remember, reclining chairs will take up a bigger footprint, so account for that in your plans if you're opting for our Venice.


Gone are the days of having fabric furniture that isn’t waterproof or stain resistant, with our fabric dining chairs you’ll no longer have to frantically bring in the furniture as it rains or panic about stains whenever there’s a spillage.

Why Fabric?

Our fabric dining chairs are designed in partnership with Sunbrella, meaning they’re weatherproof and can be left outside in adverse weather conditions. The furniture is made from aluminium frames which will prevent rust and the seating is made from a quick dry foam which allows water to run right through the fabric. This helps the chairs remain dry and usable after it rains. The fabric is durable and perfect for use all year round.

They’re also stain-resistant which makes them ideal for all dining occasions. If there are spillages, it’s best to clean the fabric immediately with soapy water. For more stubborn stains such as chocolate, ketchup, or fizzy drinks you can use a combination of 150ml bleach, 40ml soap and 2 litres of water.

While these fabric chairs can be left outside, we advise not to cover them as the material will sweat, and mildew will build up. It can go mouldy if left outside and unused for several years, however, thanks to the Sunbrella technology, it’s easy to wash it off and leave it looking as good as new. The furniture can also be jet washed although this will take longer to dry.

Standard dining chairs

The fabric dining chairs come in three styles, each with unique cushioning to enhance your dining experience. The Genoa’s fabric is quilted, adding a premium feel to your dining chair and the collection’s curving slim arms make it an ideal companion for al fresco dining.

Traditional dining chairs

Our Hugo chair features a high fabric back which is great for casual dining, helping you to sit upright, while its aluminium arm frames allow you to sit comfortably after a meal or while you’re having a drink or two.

Lounge dining chairs

Whereas, the Edge chair adds a bit of luxury with its padded back and incredibly comfortable bucket shape suitable for relaxed dining. They can also be used on their own as seating or paired with other furniture such as dining tables.

Decisions, decisions

As you can see, you’re spoilt for choice with our dining chair ranges. We understand it’s daunting and a tough decision. Here at White Stores, we want you to make the right decision, so we recommend thinking about what you will use your garden for most and then consider the style that you’d like.

If you host more formal events such as garden parties with set meals, our traditional and standard dining chairs will give you the best experience possible. If you’re more likely to chill-out and have barbeques or small gatherings, then our lounge or wider set dining chairs will enhance the ambience.

Regardless of what you want to achieve with your outdoor space, you won’t walk away disappointed. Hopefully, this article has left you inspired and helped explain the difference between our chairs. If you want to take the journey a step further, visit one our showrooms and let us sweep you off your feet!