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Understanding our dining tables

With White Stores, you can transform your outdoor space with a table that suits your needs. Gone are the days of a wooden table which splinters or a ceramic table with a parasol that doesn’t fit. Our tables come in different shapes, sizes, and materials and have different features giving you the dining foundation you deserve.

All our garden furniture collections include the same shaped tables as we believe each collection should represent the best of the best. The table shapes include round, oval, rectangular and square. These differing shapes bring another dimension to your dining setup. 

The shapes we’ve chosen have a purpose other than just looking stylish. Round tables are shaped so you can talk to all your guests with ease, rectangular tables give a more formal approach and oval offers the best of both. Whereas the square table is for more intimate settings and smaller occasions and the bistro table is for smaller gardens.

Depending on the materials used, all our tables come with tempered glass, with the thickness varying from collection to collection. This means that no matter the shape or size, they’re guaranteed an easy clean as well as have extra protection from breaking.

Regardless of material and finish, all our tables are shaped with you in mind.

While our tables come in different shapes, they also come in different sizes. Why? To suit your needs. Our sizing includes a bistro set, a 4-seat, 6-seat, and an 8-seat, which can be found throughout our collections.

The bistro sets can seat two and have a 75cm table, perfect for al fresco dining. These sets look good in rattan, especially if the dining chairs recline. The 4-seat dining sets are ideal for a smaller dining experience and have square tables which come in 90cm, or the round table which comes in 1.05m or 1.2m. 

For larger gatherings and garden events, our larger seat sets such as the 6-seat dining give you the space needed to entertain. The sizing across these sets includes 1.6m x 1m oval tables, rectangular shaped at 1.5m x 1m and the round table sets include 1.4m and 1.5m sizes. 

The more seats you have, the bigger the table must be. Our fabric collection looks stunning in an 8-seat set, with oval tables being 2.3m x 1.1m, rectangular 2m x 1m and round table is 1.8m.

If needed, we do have sets that include ten and twelve seating options, with the sizes of the tables accompanying them perfectly. It’s important for you to know that tables with different features are available across the various table sizes, so you won’t have to worry about missing out.

Like all our furniture, our tables have different materials depending on your preference. Rattan is the most popular due to its practicality and versatility. You can easily pair a rattan table with other furniture as we have various colour options such as brown, whitewash and slate grey. 

All rattan products are made from a PE synthetic weave and because of its UV additive, rattan sitting under glass tabletops is pliable and not permanently altered by the magnification caused by the glass during warmer weather. 

Our rattan tables come with tempered glass tabletops which are more economical and durable. The Classic collection, which has our flat weave, comes with 5mm glass tempered tops, the Heritage collection known for its half-rod detailing and ‘M’ weave comes with 8mm tempered tops on dining sets, and 5mm on all casual dining. 

The Oyster comes with 8mm tabletops as standard, and the Luxor collection has 8mm tempered coffee tables and 5mm on gas tank holder side tables.

Whereas our aluminium tables are topped with ceramic glass which will handle extreme heat (ideal for firepits) and have a lower CTE, meaning they won’t expand as much. Regardless of the material, our tables are easy to clean and look after.

A table isn’t just a table, it’s there to enhance your dining experience and that’s why our tables have different features that’ll only add to your outdoor area.

If you want warmth, light, and atmosphere then our gas fire pit tables are ideal. They’re stylish regardless of table size or shape. They look terrific when paired with our rattan and whether it’s from the Classic or Heritage collection, they brighten up your space all the same.

The rattan firepit tables work with patio gas bottles which are green bottles filled with propane. A 5kg bottle fits inside the table and the system is CE-certified. Averaging a heat output of over 40,000 BTUs, these firepits give off enough heat and light to last well into the night.

If you want to cool off, then we have ice buckets in dining tables or as a side table with an ice bucket. The ice buckets are removeable making them easier to clean and they can be covered with the lids provided to give you extra table space and for dining sets, they give you the space to hold a parasol. All you need to do is add ice to keep your beverages cool during the hotter months.

When having guests round, we know how important is to have table space, which is why our casual dining sets have extending tables, so you can create more space depending on how many guests you have. The extending piece tucks away easily after use, so you wouldn’t even know.

And our table features don’t stop there, as we also have the option of rising tables. Rising tables give you the ability to switch between a coffee table or a dining table with ease. Rattan rising tables need to be pushed and lifted, whereas aluminium tables operate at a push of a button. The mechanism operates on hydraulics and is safe to use.

As you can see, our tables are feature-heavy and provide the practicality needed for your outdoor space.

After reading this we hope you’ve gained a better understanding of our tables. We believe that everyone should have a seat at the table and that there should be a plethora of options. So, if you want to have a romantic meal, a party with your whole family or warmth into the night, our tables can give you that.

Visit one of our showrooms or browse our site to look further into them!