Our guide to garden pergolas

Step into outdoor luxury with our exceptional garden pergolas. Weather-ready and practical, they provide the perfect shelter for your garden and create a stunning aesthetic. A garden pergola offers year-round enjoyment, providing shelter and shade when spending time in the garden. Immerse yourself in the joy of outdoor living, enjoy the beauty of your surroundings no matter the weather, and design a space you’ll spend hours in. Read on to find out more about our range of garden pergolas:

Perfect your patio

A garden pergola is a striking way to enhance your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for practical wall-mounted pergolas, a sleek grey pergola or want to transform your patio with a clean white pergola, you’ll find a stunning structure that suits your design tastes. Choose from:

Freestanding pergola 

Ideal for open spaces, a freestanding pergola is a versatile structure that can be placed anywhere in your garden. They’re perfect for creating a focal point or a standalone seating area where you can dine out in the summer or entertain guests.

Aluminium pergola

 An aluminium pergola is visually exciting and endlessly functional, as they’re low-maintenance and ideal for contemporary outdoor spaces. Sturdy and long-lasting, an aluminium pergola provides a sleek and modern appearance, and is also resistant to rust and weathering.

A pergola with sides 

A pergola with sides creates a gentle haven in your outside space where you can relax knowing that the wind and rain won’t bother you. They also provide even more protection from the sun. You can upscale your garden pergola to a pergola with sides with our range of panels made specifically to fit our garden pergolas. 

Wall-mounted pergolas 

Wall-mounted pergolas are great for space saving and can be easily attached to your home or another structure. They extend your living space and are particularly good for patios, decks, and entrances, helping to bring the outdoors in and allowing you to enjoy the fresh air from the comfort of the shade. 

Metal roof pergola  

You’ll find pergolas with roofs at White Stores that give you even more convenience and outdoor options. A metal roof pergola extends your time outdoors, giving you peace of mind that, even when it starts to rain, you’re totally covered. Choose to add doors or panels to your pergola to make it a really solid, safe and cosy addition to your garden. 

You’ll also find a selection of colours, including graphite grey or a light oak finish, so you can match your new pergola to your existing garden or try something completely new and create your dream outdoor space. 

Enhance your garden pergola

Make your garden pergola even more of a design feature by adding pergola accessories or turning it into an inviting entertaining area. Shop our range of barbecues to use your garden pergola for hosting summer social events, and add heating options so you can stay outside after the sun goes down. Find a comfortable garden sofa set for lounging underneath your pergola, or invest in a dining table and chairs to seat all the family this summer. 

Looking after your garden pergola

Our garden pergolas are crafted to last and will perform year after year when properly cared for. To make sure your garden pergola has a long life, we advise the following:

  • Regularly inspect your pergola to check for wear and tear that may require attention
  • Clean your pergola with a damp cloth to remove surface dirt and maintain its appearance
  • Check metal pergolas for rust and treat accordingly to prevent corrosion

Award-winning garden pergolas

Elevate your outdoor experience with our award-winning pergola. Honoured with the prestigious Red Dot Design award for outstanding design, this structure stands as a testament to its exceptional craftsmanship and visual appeal.