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Is rattan garden furniture good for businesses?

Many businesses such as cafes, restaurants and bars would benefit from rattan garden furniture. Rattan furniture offers many benefits to these businesses as it is incredibly low maintenance. Whether your business offers indoor or outdoor seating rattan furniture is a great option, especially rattan furniture made with aluminium frames as it is light weight and easy to move around.

Top quality rattan, made with aluminium frames and HDPE rattan weave, is extremely good for businesses with outdoor seating as it is 100% weatherproof. The aluminium frames make the furniture completely rustproof, much better than standard metal furniture used by most businesses. Plus, the PE weave is UV resistant, so will not fade in the sunshine, as well as being resistant to water, snow and frost. This means that you can leave rattan furniture outside all year round, ideal for businesses as they will not have to keep moving furniture in and out.

Rattan furniture is incredibly easy to clean should spillages or dirt occur and only requires wiping down with a damp, soapy cloth. For a more thorough clean you can use a toothbrush to get in between the rattan. However, this does not need to be done regularly as most spillages or dirt will brush straight off of rattan furniture, making it great for food establishments especially.

Another great feature of rattan furniture is that many sets are available with stackable dining chairs. This is great for businesses who need to store their furniture away at the end of the day but have limited space to do so. The stacking feature is ideal for saving space and keeping your business tidy.

Rattan garden furniture is incredibly sleek and stylish so will definitely not look out of place in an upmarket wine bar environment and will add a touch of class to a standard café. Plus, as rattan is available in many shapes, colours and sizes you can have matching sets in all different sizes to suit varying numbers of guests or customers. Stylish black or grey bistro tables, cube tables or sofa sets would look great in any modern bar and brown dining sets are perfect for restaurants and cafes. Additionally, all rattan garden furniture comes complete with padded cushions, so every business can be sure that their customers are incredibly comfortable and relaxed.

Many rattan dining sets also come with parasol holes in the tables. This is particularly great for businesses with outdoor seating as during summer months parasols are crucial to protect your customers and keep them cool.

Not only is rattan durable, robust and stylish but it is affordable, especially when compared to its wooden counterparts, rattan furniture offers much more value for money, lasting longer and requiring less maintenance.

We believe that rattan furniture is the best choice for all businesses as it is incredibly welcoming and offers a comfortable looking area where customers will feel relaxed, plus it is incredibly low maintenance, and 100% weatherproof meaning it requires less time from staff to put into maintaining the appearance of the furniture.