4 Ways to Improve Your Garden for Under £100

4 Ways to Improve Your Garden for Under £100

Getting the best out of your garden can be pricey, from a new patio or decking area to garden furniture, it all adds up. So, here are some top tips on getting your garden to look its best without having to spend a fortune.

Create a shaded area

We’re predicting a hot summer, and though it’s wonderful to spend all of your time outdoors in the heat, it can be dangerous. Which is why it is important to create a shaded area which can create a relief from the sun.


If you already have a dining table with a parasol hole then a wooden or an aluminium parasol will slot neatly in and, combined with a base, help to create the shade you need. If you don’t have a dining table and need shade over a sofa area or simply over the area the kids are playing in, we recommend a cantilever parasol, you will need to combine this with a weighted base.

Price Breakdown: A 2.7m round parasol will be large enough for most dining spaces (for recommendations suitable for your specific dining space, speak to our customer service team who will be happy to help) and a 25kg base will support the parasol well.

If you opt for a 2.7m aluminium parasol and a 25kg base you will spend £94 with us (before any discounts available are applied).

If you opt for a 3m round cantilever parasol and a sand and water filled base you will spend £138 with us (before any discounts available are applied).

Keep everything tidy

A cushion storage bag is an excellent way to keep your garden tidy and looking its best. Not only can you store your garden furniture cushions away when not in use, but they also allow you to keep the children’s toys, balls and other items stored away when not in use.

Storage Bags

Price Breakdown: Our large and jumbo cushion bags are both available for under £50 (before any discounts available are applied).

Keep your garden warm and well lit

If you’re having a garden party or spending evenings in your garden for barbecues, then we all know the British weather can turn suddenly. So, the best thing to do is to invest in a patio heater. Not only will the patio heater generate heat to keep your guests warm as the evening gets cooler, but it will also add well-needed light to your space as it gets darker. This means you can use your garden for longer and not have your plans thwarted by a dip in the sunshine.

With many styles of heater available, we recommend a parasol heater for those that already have a parasol and a dining set, as this will generate the most heat over your dining table and does not take up any dining space.

Patio Heaters

If you have a sofa area, then a wall heater or a hanging heater that can be attached to walls or hanging beams is a great way to warm up your garden space.

Price Breakdown: Our Parasol Heater is available for £99 (before any available discounts are applied).

Our Chain Suspended Patio Heater is available for £85 (before any available discounts are applied).

Scatter Cushions

Give it some colour

Adding a splash of colour to your garden can improve its look massively, without spending much money. To do this you could invest in some garden art or some colourful ornaments, but our favourite way to do this is to add some colourful scatter cushions to your furniture.

This is brilliant if your furniture is looking slightly old and worn out, but you don’t want to replace it just yet, simply jazz it up and bring it back it to life with some colourful and comfortable scatter cushions.

Price Breakdown: All of our colourful scatters are under £15.

If you would like help choosing any of our mentioned items, then we recommend visiting us in store or speaking to one of our customer service advisors over the phone.

Please Note: All prices are accurate as of when this blog was published (March 2019) and could be subject to change.