Outdoor Furniture for Holiday Homes

Outdoor Furniture for Holiday Homes

Whether you rent out your holiday home to others or you have a holiday home that you like to spend your summer in, getting your outdoor furniture right can increase the comfort and enjoyment of time away. Here, we’ve recommended some different styles and materials of furniture that are perfect for holiday homes abroad or in the UK.

Holiday Homes Abroad

If you are lucky enough to enjoy your summer’s abroad or you have a holiday home that you rent out to others, you can make everyone’s stay that much more enjoyable and make the home much more attractive to visitors, with the right garden furniture.

Aluminium Dining Sets

Dining Area

If you have a large villa then odds are a large amount of people are going to be staying and with the weather being nice, people are likely to need a space to eat outdoors. For holiday homes abroad we recommend a large cast aluminium or aluminium dining set. Unlike other metals, cast aluminium and aluminium do not become as hot and therefore is still comfortable to use in the heat. It is also weatherproof and can be left outside in all conditions. It’s also lightweight and stylish and often available with extending tables which are ideal for large spaces.

Rattan Sun Loungers

Sun Loungers

If you’re abroad then you may have a pool and a favourite pastime for brits abroad is to sunbathe around the pool. So, a priority for garden furniture is sun loungers. We recommend rattan sun loungers because they are weatherproof and resistant to water – ideal for around a pool. Plus, rattan sun lounger often come with padded cushions which make it a more comfortable experience than typical plastic sun loungers which heat up and can be painful to sit on.

Somewhere to Relax

Another great idea for holiday homes abroad is a sofa area, somewhere that you or guests can spend time relaxing in the evening. We recommend a fabric sofa set because not only are they comfortable and look impressive, but they are incredibly stain and water resistant. Our fabric sofa sets are water repellent, so any light showers or splashes from the pool will simply roll off and should there be any heavy downpours the water will run straight out and dry after 30 minutes of sunshine.

Plus, with the furniture being stain resistant and easy to clean should any spills occur, you won’t have to worry about spilled drinks/ice creams or ketchup!

Rattan Dining Sets

Holiday Homes in the UK

Choosing garden furniture for holiday homes in the UK can be slightly trickier, you have to consider all weathers and go for furniture that is incredibly durable or it will damage quickly and ruin the look of your holiday home. But if you get it right you can really increase the value of your/your guests’ stay.

Picnic Area

Most holiday homes in the UK tend to go for a wooden picnic area, however, with the unpredictable weather in the UK if it rains it will take a long time to dry out and then the area is out of action for some of your stay. Instead, we recommend a rattan dining table and chairs, these are incredibly weatherproof and if it rains will dry quickly or can simply be wiped down with a towel to dry out and use immediately.

Patio Heaters

Lounge Space

UK holiday homes may not be as big as those abroad so using garden space wisely is important. Somewhere pleasant to lounge is important and we recommend a rattan lounge set or sofa set. These come in all shapes and sizes, so you are bound to find one that fits your area. Plus, the furniture is weather resistant and can be left outside so you won’t have to worry about storing the furniture to avoid damage.

Keeping Warm

As previously mentioned, British weather is unpredictable, so although you may be visiting/renting out the holiday home in the middle of summer, it could still be chilly. Make sure you or your guests can still use the garden space and get the most out of their stay with outdoor patio heaters.

If you need help choosing furniture for your holiday home, whether it is in the UK or abroad, we are happy to help. Visit one of our showrooms for help choosing furniture for your space and read our information on international deliveries.