If you’re looking to purchase some rattan garden furniture for your garden this year, then we have covered some of the most frequently asked questions and some additional information to help make your purchasing process easy and help you get the best furniture for your money. All of these answers apply to White Stores’ rattan garden furniture.

Is Rattan Garden Furniture Weatherproof?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is yes, most rattan furniture is completely weatherproof so long as it has been made with aluminium framework and PE synthetic rattan. These materials are strong and durable, though very lightweight and are also rustproof and will not crack or go brittle.

However, if rattan furniture is made using PU or PVC or steel frames then they are not rustproof and though they can still be left outdoors they will not last as long and could leave rust marks on your decking or patio that cannot be removed.


How Do I Know If The Furniture Is Good Quality?

Top-quality rattan furniture will be made from PE synthetic rattan and powder-coated aluminium frames. Additionally, it will not require any major assembly. Top-quality rattan furniture should not be flat packed and will only require minimal assembly. Flat packed furniture is not as strong, and the bolts can come loose. However, pre-assembled furniture is welded together and there is no risk of the furniture falling apart.


Does Rattan Garden Furniture Require any Aftercare?

No. Rattan furniture is virtually maintenance-free and unlike other furniture, types will not require any aftercare such as applying weatherproof paint or anything to prevent discolouration. Rattan furniture is designed to be left outside all year round and requires virtually no maintenance. To clean the furniture simply wipe over with a damp cloth.

Authentic rattan is rarely

available in the UK as it

does not fare well in the British climate.

Can The Cushions Be Left Outside?

No. The cushions are not waterproof and should not be left outside. We recommend that the cushions are stored indoors when the furniture is not in use or if you know that weather is going to be bad for a prolonged period of time.

However, the cushions will be fine if you accidentally leave them outside and there is a light shower. Plus, the cushion covers can be removed, and they are machine washable.


Is It Real Rattan?

No. Authentic rattan is rarely available in the UK as it does not fare well in the British climate. Real rattan rots when damp, which is why synthetic rattan choices are available in the UK instead.


Is Your Furniture PE, PVC or PU?

We only use top quality synthetic rattan which is PE. PE synthetic rattan is incredibly durable and can be left outside all year round without weather damage.

What Is The Difference Between Flat Weave, Half Round Weave, Full Rod Weave And Mixed Weave?

Flat weave is the most common and most popular choice of rattan on the market. This furniture is lightweight and durable and typically comes with a warranty of between 3-5 years.

Half-round weave is slightly heavier than flat weave but this also makes it more durable. The warranty is often 5+ years.

Full rod weave is the heaviest weave on the market and makes it the most durable. Many full rod sets come with a warranty of 10+ years.

Mixed weave typically mixes half-round and full rod weave for a unique appearance that is both durable and lengthy in warranty without the weight of a full rod set.


How Will My Rattan Garden Furniture Be Delivered?

At White Stores, we deliver all of our rattan garden furniture on a pallet delivery service. This will be a curbside drop and will be delivered to the nearest hard standing surface – this could be a curb or a flat driveway.

However, as all of our rattan furniture is built using aluminium framework this makes them incredibly lightweight and therefore the pallets are easy to lift and move around.

We hope that we have covered all of your questions here, however, if there is something else you need to ask us then we are happy to help. Simply contact us via telephone or email or visit one of our showrooms to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales advisors.