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Festive knowledge!

Are you looking for advice on what Artificial Christmas Tree is best for you, and tips on how to fluff your tree to its full potential? Maybe you need help with choosing lights or one of our Nutcrackers & Figurines? Find the festive answers here.

  • How many decorations can I store within the storage box?

    We have two storage boxes, which hold different amounts of ornaments. The medium box holds 72 decorations, and the medium rolling chest holds 96 decorations.

Christmas trees

  • Why should I choose an artificial tree over a real tree?

    We prefer artificial trees as you get more for your money. You can use the tree year after year and don’t have the hassle of getting a real tree home or leaving it too late and being stuck with the small one. Plus, you won’t have to hoover up those pesky falling needles. Additionally, you can start your Christmas decorating early and have the tree up for longer without it dying.

  • Should I go for a flocked tree or a normal green tree?

    That all depends on your preference and whether you have pets. The flocked substance could be toxic to your pets so we would recommend a normal tree if you have pets that will be in the same room as the tree.

  • How to fluff up my Christmas Tree

    Whilst there are many benefits to an artificial Christmas tree, such as lifespan, the guarantee it will last all Christmas and no falling needles, you do have to put some effort into decorating your tree for it to look its best. 

    On a 7ft tree, we recommend spending around 45 minutes to an hour ‘fluffing’ your tree before it is ready to decorate with lights and baubles. On 6ft trees and below this should take slightly less time as there will be fewer branches. Whilst this may sound like a long time, this is the way to perfect your tree’s appearance and replicate the styling we have on our online photos. Additionally, it is time well spent, get the kids involved, and make it a fun family affair, perfect for getting in the Christmas spirit. The more people, the less time it will take! Once you have finished fluffing, your tree will look like the finished result reflected in our online pictures.

    Check out our handy video guide here

  • How many parts does my tree come in?

    Non-lit trees feature a 3-part hinged design which offers much easier assembly and disassembly over a hooked design. Simply connect the base and pole(s) as instructed. The parts will be marked for convenience. Simply unfold the branches and re-position them to your liking.

    Some trees depending on the size do come in multiple parts, we suggest that you check the description on the product page.

  • Does your Christmas Storage Bag fit my tree?

    Our Christmas tree storage bag is designed for trees 6-7.5ft tall, but smaller trees will also fit in neatly. This storage bag is approximately 134cm (4.5ft) which means you'll need to dismantle your Christmas tree before storing it in the bag. If your tree does not break down into sections smaller than 134cm then it may not fit in this bag.

    This does mean that any fibre optic trees larger than 4ft will not fit in this bag, as they do not break down into sections. 

    You can check out our Christmas tree storage bag without wheels here and with wheels here.

  • What size tree can I fit in the Christmas tree storage bag?

    It’s designed for trees 6ft-7.5ft to fit comfortably but smaller trees will fit with plenty of room. 

  • What makes a tree more expensive?

    A tree is more expensive based on the quality of the item. PE/PVC mixed trees will be more expensive than an all PVC tree as they look more realistic and cost more to produce. Other defining factors are the size of the tree as well as tip count - for example a tree with 2,500 branch tips is a much fuller tree than one of the same size with 800 branch tips and therefore a higher value - or whether the tree is pre-lit or flocked.

  • My tree doesn’t look like it does in the pictures, can I send it back?

    We will need to check that you have spent time fluffing the tree before you decide you aren’t happy with it as the branch tips will have been tightly packed in order to fit it in the box, but this is not how the tree will look after fluffing. We recommend spending a minimum of 45 minutes fluffing your tree in order to make it look like our photos. Our photos have received no further editing and have just undergone the fluffing process themselves.

    Please read this blog for tips. If you still believe this to look different, please send us some photos to review.

  • The snow on my tree keeps falling off is there a problem with my tree?

    No, it is natural for the flocked snow to come off whilst you are removing the tree from the box/fluffing the tree/decorating. Once you have the tree in position and leave it be, no more will fall off. As long as there is more snow left on your tree than has fallen off, this is not a design fault. Our trees are “over-flocked” in order to ensure you have a substantial amount of flocking left on the tree.


  • How many lights should I use on my Christmas tree?

    Please see the information below showing how many lights we would recommend using on your Christmas tree. 


    Compact cluster lights 

    5-6 ft trees - 600 Lights 

    7 ft trees - 800 lights 

    8 ft trees - 1000 lights 

    9-10 ft trees - 1200 lights

    Cluster lights 

    6 ft trees - 720 lights 

    7 ft trees - 960 lights 

    8 ft trees - 1500 lights 

    9-10 ft trees 2000 lights 


    Looking for more information? Check out our handy blog.

  • What's the difference between cluster and compact cluster lights?

    Whilst both our cluster and compact cluster Christmas lights have a similar design, they are different when it comes to the spacing between bulbs and the length of the lights, compared to their counterpart. 

    Our Cluster lights have a spacing of 1.5cm between each bulb and they offer a shorter length. Our compact cluster lights offer a spacing of 2.5cm between bulbs. Thanks to this extra spacing, our compact cluster lights are longer in length. 

  • How to change the multi-function setting on my Twinkly lights

    You can use the controller provided or you can download the Twinkly app from your app-store which will offer many more settings that you can change.

  • How do I use the timer function on my lights?

    If the item you have purchased has a timer function, (this will be made clear on the product listing but is also shown on the side of the transformer) this allows you to set your lights up to come on at the same time every day. The timer will see your lights come on for 8 hours and turn off for 16 hours per day.

    To turn the transformer on, you will need to double click the button so that the light is on. Once the light is on the 8-hour timer will start.

    The timer function can be changed within the app and it can be amended to suit you.

  • Can I connect my Twinkly lights to another set of lights?

    These lights can be grouped with up to 10 other Twinkly devices (or 4,000 LEDs) via the app but they cannot be physically connected. 

  • Can I use my Christmas lights outside?

    Our Christmas lights can be used indoors or outdoors; the transformer is IP20 rated and therefore should be plugged into an indoor socket or a watertight box (not guaranteed to fit all types of watertight box due to the size of the transformer).

    The lights themselves are IP44 rated so are suitable for outdoor use.

  • Do you sell gutter hooks for my Christmas lights?

    We do not supply gutter hooks for any of our lights. These can be found online from either hardware stores or any online retailers. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist in regards to this.

  • One of my Twinkly light bulbs is faulty. Do you sell replacement bulbs?

    Unfortunately, these are non-replaceable bulbs. 

Nutcrackers & figurines

  • Can I use my Nutcracker outside?

    Yes, the product is made from weather-resistant materials and the battery pack is IP44 rated which means it is safe for outdoor use. The mains transformer should be plugged into an indoor socket.

  • How many batteries do I need for my Nutcracker figure?

    2 x AA batteries for 3ft Nutcrackers. 3 x AA batteries for large nutcrackers.

  • Are the Nutcrackers heavy?

    They are heavy enough not to topple over but they are lightweight and easy to move around. For the larger nutcrackers you may need two people to lift them if you are moving them a long way.

  • Is there a way to secure the nutcrackers to the ground?

    We do not include anything to secure them, but we would recommend perhaps tying them to something using rope or cable ties to secure them if you wish to.

  • I bought two Nutcrackers and they look different, why is this?

    All of our nutcrackers are hand painted and therefore some differences may occur. 

  • What is the difference between soft and hard acrylic figures?

    Soft acrylic is more elasticated and more pliable, meaning that is less likely to snap or break.

  • What is the difference between spun and solid acrylic figures?

    Spun acrylic means that the frame has been made out of wire and the acrylic has been drizzled over the top and left to set in shape, creating a spun effect. Solid acrylic is a solid shape made entirely from acrylic with no framework.

  • Can I use my concrete figures indoors and outdoors?

    Yes, you can use indoors and outdoors as the material and paint are weather resistant, though we would not recommend leaving out longer than the Christmas period and would recommend storing safely indoors between uses. When outdoors, we recommend plugging in to an indoor socket.

  • What does dual operated mean?

    It means that you have the choice to use either the mains transformer or the battery pack depending on your preference.

  • Why do I need a mains transformer and a battery pack?

    You don’t need to use both but both are included so that you can choose. The lights will be dimmer when using the battery pack and the timer function runs for less time, however you won’t have long wires everywhere so sometimes people prefer this option.

  • My figure is wobbly, can you replace this?

    The figure has been tightly packed which can sometimes cause a leg to bend, making the item wobbly. However, the frame work is completely mailable and you should be able to reshape this yourself with ease to ensure it sits flat.

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