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Funky Garden Furniture

At White Stores we understand that many of our customers want statement pieces of furniture, so we have worked closely with manufacturers to develop our range of Funky Garden Furniture. This funky garden furniture is designed using materials such as rattan, aluminium and fabric which will last for years to come.

Funky sofa sets often make a great talking point with friends. From sharp pints, funky shapes, to curves and unique layouts, we have a huge selection of sofa sets that could be described as funky, quirky, or unique.

What better way to relax than on a funky rattan fire pit set, keeping you warm no matter the weather. These funky furniture pieces make a great statement, as well as being incredibly comfortable and enjoyable. Plus, as they're made from high-quality synthetic rattan they are exceptionally weatherproof and can be left outside all year round without damage. If you want to view some of our funkier rattan dining sets then we recommend visiting our two-story Essex showroom where you will find over 200 sets on display.

Some of the most exciting new garden furniture on the market is the funky fabric dining sets that are stain-resistant and water-resistant, ideal for everyday use.

Funky Rattan Dining Sets
Funky Rising Tables

Plus, many of our sofa sets now come with the option of a funky rising table. A rising table means that you can adjust the height of the table and switch between a coffee table and a casual dining table. We would definitely describe the swift easy movement of the aluminium rising tables as a funky addition to your furniture.

From funky developments in the garden furniture world to simple funky designs. At White Stores, we have a huge selection of sun loungers which we would describe as funky. This includes our brilliant range of fabric sun loungers which make it much more comfortable to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

If you need advice on which funky furniture set to choose you can visit one of our showrooms or contact one of our sales advisors. We are open 7 days a week all year round.