Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan Garden Furniture is more popular than ever. It is a stylish, practical solution for any outdoor space. All of our rattan garden furniture is durable, weatherproof and easy to clean, as well as being available in plenty of styles, making it the ideal choice for every person and every garden.

GGet your garden Summer ready with our wide range of

Rattan Garden Furniture Table and Chair sets.


outdoor garden furniture

sets and all of our

outdoor rattan garden furniture

, such as our

rattan effect sofa,

wicker lounge chairs

or our

rattan patio tables

is water resistant, weatherproof and easy to clean. The rattan is woven to aluminum frames that do not rust. Synthetic rattan has greatly improved in recent years; the look and feel of it is a huge advance on the plastic furniture that was common in the 1990s. You get the tactile weave of a traditional wicker without the concern of it being damaged by weather conditions.

Buy rattan furniture online - huge range of rattan garden table sets

We pride ourselves on stocking a fantastic range of rattan garden furniture designs, from beautiful round bistro sets to high quality dining sets to luxurious garden sofas and daybeds. At White Stores we work hard to find the best quality at great prices for our customers. You will notice most of our furniture does not require any assembly, it arrives ready to use.

Shop online for our range of outdoor rattan garden furniture for sale.

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cheap rattan garden sets


alternative? Check out our current bestsellers.


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  1. Pair of Leeanna Dining Armchairs - Willow
    Use Code: GARDEN15
    Pair of Leeanna Dining Armchairs
    From £649.00
    Save 35%
    • RRP: £1,099.00
    • Was: £799.00
    In Stock & Delivered Within 30 Working Days
  2. Large Cushion Storage Box - Grey
    Use Code: GARDEN15
    Large Cushion Storage Box
    From £449.00
    Save 30%
    • RRP: £649.00
    • Was: £549.00
    In Stock & Delivered Within 14 Working Days
  3. 60cm Rotating Lazy Susan with Parasol Hole - Brown
    Use Code: GARDEN15
    60cm Rotating Lazy Susan with Parasol Hole
    From £79.00
    Save 47%
    • RRP: £149.99
    • Was: £99.99
    In Stock & Delivered Within 14 Working Days
  4. Celia 4 Seat Deluxe Cube Set with 4 Stools - Brown
    Use Code: GARDEN15
    Celia 4 Seat Deluxe Cube Set with 4 Stools
    From £1,199.00
    Save 40%
    • RRP: £1,599.00
    • Was: £1,449.00
    In Stock & Delivered Within 30 Working Days
  5. Ciara Footstool - White Wash
    Use Code: GARDEN15
    Ciara Footstool
    From £119.00
    Save 40%
    • RRP: £199.99
    • Was: £149.99
    In Stock & Delivered Within 14 Working Days
  6. Isabella Lounge Companion Set - Willow
    Use Code: GARDEN15
    Isabella 3 Piece Lounge Set
    From £599.00
    Save 20%
    • RRP: £999.00
    • Was: £699.00
    In Stock & Delivered Within 30 Working Days
  7. Chelsea 1A Corner Sofa Set - Brown
    Use Code: GARDEN15
    Chelsea 1A Corner Sofa Set
    From £1,499.00
    Save 34%
    • RRP: £2,299.00
    • Was: £1,699.00
    In Stock & Delivered Within 30 Working Days
  8. Square Coffee Table - Brown
    Use Code: GARDEN15
    Chelsea Square Coffee Table
    From £149.00
    Save 25%
    • RRP: £299.00
    • Was: £199.99
    In Stock & Delivered Within 10 Working Days
  9. Pair of Sienna Dining Armchairs - Grey
    Use Code: GARDEN15
    Pair of Sienna Dining Armchairs
    From £399.00
    Save 46%
    • RRP: £749.00
    • Was: £549.00
    In Stock & Delivered Within 30 Working Days
  10. Cambridge Right Hand Casual Dining Corner Sofa Set with Parasol Hole - Grey
    Use Code: GARDEN15
    Cambridge Right Hand Casual Dining Corner Sofa Set with Parasol Hole
    From £1,499.00
    Save 37%
    • RRP: £2,399.00
    • Was: £1,749.00
    In Stock & Delivered Within 30 Working Days
  11. Madison Sun Lounger Set - White Wash
    Use Code: GARDEN15
    Madison Sun Lounger Set
    From £1,199.00
    Save 14%
    • RRP: £1,499.00
    • Was: £1,299.00
    In Stock & Delivered Within 30 Working Days

Rattan Garden Furniture 

Let’s be honest. After the holidays have come and gone, nothing is more exciting than waiting for the cold winter to pass and enjoy the warmth of spring. 

And the moment we see the first signs of spring in the air and the first couple of flowers sprouting from the ground, there’s only one thing to do. 

Time to bring out those gorgeous daybeds and sofa sets and have a chill day out in the sun! 

What better way to do just that than with rattan garden furniture? Rattan is a certified classic for patios all over the world, creating delightful memories for you and your loved ones. 

The best part? It’s not going out of style anytime soon - you could buy a couple of good rattan furniture sets and you’re set for life! 

Why Buy Rattan Garden Furniture? 

Rattan rose to fame and continues to be well-loved because of its versatile material. This gives you, the buyer, various choices when it comes to decorating your area of choice.

From sun loungers and daybeds to dining tables & chairs and corner sofas, we are certain to provide a rattan outdoor furniture set that fulfills your needs. All of our garden furniture pieces have been elaborately handwoven to ensure each set is of top quality.

For instance, rattan chairs can be formed into virtually any shape you can think of. It can be cubed, circular, square, or whatever best fits your space. 

On top of that, rattan can also be constructed into lounge chairs, daybeds, full dining sets, and so much more. When it comes to outfitting with rattan, you'll have virtually countless options.

Is Rattan Garden Furniture Good Quality?

It wholly depends on whether you’re talking about natural or synthetic rattan furniture. Natural rattan is definitely strong and gets you that aesthetic appeal. However, it’s not weather-resistant and can require a lot of upkeep. 

For that reason, rattan garden furniture is usually made from synthetic polyethylene resin. This type of material is resistant to UV exposure and extreme weather conditions. And because you’d be able to use them all year round, they are perfect for your back garden. Plus, it will ultimately be cheaper than natural rattan furniture. 

Are Rattan Dining Sets Weatherproof?

Our outdoor garden furniture is perfect for hosting a party and is guaranteed to last, as the heavy-duty rattan furniture will stand up to extreme weather, with waterproof and UV-resistant features.

The British weather is notoriously changeable, and though all of us hope for weeks of uninterrupted sunshine, the reality can quite often be very different.

You can make use of our garden furniture at any time of the year, but you may want a heater and cover for the winter season. It also wouldn't hurt to utilize a cover to shield your furniture when you're not using it (a great idea for keeping the dust away).

Contemporary rattan-style garden furniture is developed to endure whatever the British weather condition can throw at it and can generally be kept outside all year round. 

Is Rattan Garden Furniture Eco-friendly? 

The short answer is yes.  In fact, this is one of the main selling points employed by manufacturers and retailers.  

Most synthetic rattan items are made from materials specially treated to ensure they do not harm the environment – for example by releasing toxins into the air or soil immediately surrounding the item.

Long story short, you can rest assured that every synthetic rattan garden furniture item available on the market is guaranteed to be entirely eco-friendly and environmentally safe. 

Can Rattan Furniture be Used Indoors? 

Yes, absolutely! One of the reasons rattan furniture is so popular is how well it fits into both indoor and outdoor settings. So you won’t need to worry about only using them in certain seasons - you and your loved ones can enjoy them all year round! 

For the home interior, people usually like to furnish their kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and even a sunroom with rattan pieces. 

The most popular colors usually tend to be neutral-- black, grey, white, and brown. These neutral shades can generally blend in with most surroundings, wherever you end up placing them in your home.

If you want a little bit more pop of colour in your furniture, you can always get cushions to deck out your sofa and chairs. You get to express your personality with your favourite colours, while enjoying the comfort of rattan furniture. 

Is Rattan Furniture Good For the Garden?

Definitely! You can laze for hours on our rattan garden sofas. We have two and three-seater rattan garden sofas readily available, so you'll come across the most ideal size for your garden. If basking in the sun is your type of fun, a rattan garden sofa set is best.

Enjoy outdoor rattan garden furniture without the ridiculous price tag and take our show-stopping rattan furniture sets into your property. Our unique pieces of garden furniture make sure that you'll have an outdoor space that you're proud of. With our outdoor furniture sets, you'll have your buddies, relatives, and even your neighbours jealous of your garden furniture.

Our large range of rattan garden furniture sets will certainly bring much-needed pleasure to your outdoor area.

Pick from various styles involving rattan garden dining sets such as rattan tables and chairs in a range of colourways and assortments. You can also pick smaller-sized dining sets, including our bistro sets and our rattan balcony sets - best for those a bit short on outdoor space.

Have a look at our modular corner sofas and our casual dining sets, if you're hoping to eat out alfresco in complete convenience.

The casual dining rattan garden furniture sets bring together the relaxed feel of an outdoor sofa with a refined rectangular dining table. This enables you to receive loved ones in a unique setting.

How to Protect Your Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan is easy to look after. You don't need to get any elaborate wood cleaner to keep it nice and clean. Simply use a soft clean cloth and usual dishwashing soap to wipe as needed.

Then, with a garden hose or a bucket of water, rinse off the soap completely. If you do use a hose, make sure it’s on a low setting so you don’t damage your rattan furniture. 

Afterwards, all you need to do is leave the furniture to dry. Other than that, protecting your synthetic rattan furniture is the exact same way you need to take care of natural rattan: 

  • Use a cover
  • Protect from the sun
  • Bring in the cushions
  • Move the chairs around


One thing is clear. Stylish, classy, and low maintenance, rattan furniture is perfect for your outdoor and indoor needs. Get your own rattan garden furniture from White Stores today!