TextileneGarden Furniture

TTextilene Garden Furniture can be manufactured in co-ordination with a variety of materials, most commonly Wood and Aluminium. Textilene is an ideal material to use for outdoor furniture as it's almost entirely maintenance-free and will not rot, fade, rust or change shape. It only requires simple cleaning on an annual basis to keep it looking brand new. However, depending on what material Textilene has partnered with you may need to do some extra care to keep the furniture looking good as new.

Textilene Furniture

Textilene is a material that is used on the seats and backs on chairs and is normally matched with solid metal or wood tables but it has been known to see glass alongside Textilene chairs.

Textilene furniture can look modern, simple and clean and therefore very much suits a contemporary setting. Normally manufactured to be lightweight and easy to move around Textilene Outdoor Furniture is the ideal choice for many of our customers.

Textilene is also an incredibly comfortable material which helps garden furniture to feel supportive and sturdy without being hard and uncomfortable, which is important for furniture that you wish to use regularly.

Textilene Furniture

You will find that Textilene furniture is available in plenty of styles, shapes and colours, meaning that you can always find something to suit your space.

For more advice and answers to questions about Textilene garden furniture we recommend contacting our knowledgable customer service team or visiting the sales team in one of our showrooms located around the UK.