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Weatherproof Garden Furniture

Our huge collection of weatherproof garden furniture includes everything you need to dress your garden from dining sets to sofa sets, corner sofa sets, bar sets, casual dining sets, loungers, bistro sets and daybeds. Our weatherproof collection uses materials such as rattan and fabric to create 100% weatherproof furniture.

Rattan garden furniture is completely weatherproof and can be left outside all year round with no weather damage. The aluminium frames are rustproof and can, therefore, survive the cold and damp weather. The rattan itself is UV protected which prevents fading when exposed to direct sunlight.

Our collection of weatherproof fabric furniture has been designed to be completely waterproof with a light shower beading on top of the furniture and simply rolling off, or a heavy shower running through the material and out the other side to ensure the material remains dry and useable.

Weatherproof Rattan Furniture
Weatherproof Covers

Weatherproof garden furniture is incredibly important as many people don't have space indoors to store their garden furniture when it is not in use. So, weatherproof garden furniture allows you to leave it outdoors all year round without fear of damage.

Additionally, for those who want an extra layer of protection for their garden furniture, we have developed a range of weatherproof garden furniture covers. These covers are designed to protect your furniture from the harshest winter weathers as well as keep them free from dirt, droppings and falling leaves.