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What is Twinkly™?

Twinkly™ are the Christmas lights of the future…available right now! This brilliant collection offers you complete autonomy over your Christmas display by allowing you to control each individual bulb – adjusting the colour, brightness, settings, and timer functions.

If you think having so much control sounds like a headache, we’re here to explain how these lights couldn’t be easier to use and why having so much creative freedom will benefit your Christmas display for years to come.

With our range of Twinkly™ lights, it has never been easier to light up your home this Christmas.

Understanding How Twinkly™ Works

All Twinkly Lights and Trees can be operated via a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth controller and/or a leading Smartphone app which can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS. Twinkly products are also compatible with Alexa and Hey Google commands. 

With the App, each bulb can be controlled individually, allowing you to choose from a colour palette of over 16 million options. You can set timer functions, brightness settings, speed, intensity and more with new options always downloadable on the app. This means your display could be different each year, week or even a new look every day. 

The fun doesn’t stop there as you can group this item with up to 10 devices or 4,000 LEDs via the Twinkly app. It’s important to note that you can’t group Twinkly products which have different LEDs, for example, RGB LEDs must be used with other RGB products and so forth. The defined colour options are RGB (multicoloured), RGB+W (multicoloured and warm white), and AWW (gold and warm white) but remember these colours are adaptable with plenty of palette options to choose from.

All Twinkly LED bulbs are non-replaceable, but thanks to their long lifespan of 30,000 hours, you’ll get plenty of use. Plus, all products are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, though many should be plugged into an indoor socket.

Twinkly™ Options

Cluster Lights

Our Twinkly Cluster Lights are perfect for a bright, full glow that will certainly impress. The bulbs are evenly spaced at 1.5cm intervals, creating a clustered look. The bulbs are non-replaceable but have an estimated lifespan of 30,000 hours. They’re also IP44-rated, meaning they’re suitable for the outdoors and indoors.

String Lights

Our range of Twinkly String Lights will make any indoor or outdoor display sparkle with Christmas magic. All these string lights have a 3.5m lead cable that we recommend plugging indoors, giving you enough length to place the lights outdoors if you want to. There is 8cm spacing between bulbs, offering an even glow.

Dot Lights

Not just designed for Christmas use, Twinkly Dot Lights make the perfect home decor thanks to the almost invisible look that can be used to complement fireplaces, mirrors, bookshelves and more. The bulbs are evenly spaced with 5cm intervals for an impressive look in any space.

Icicle Lights

Twinkly Icicle Lights are the perfect addition to your outdoor light display. The lights feature a series of light drops with a 2-4-6-2-5 pattern. The drops which mimic icicles are evenly spaced with 10cm intervals and 10cm between bulbs.

Curtain Lights

The Twinkly Curtain Lights will illuminate your space. The light drops are evenly spaced with 10cm intervals and 10cm between the bulbs. These lights are great for indoor or outside use, and they’re powered by a 2.5 mains lead, which we recommend plugging in indoors.

Music Dongle

The Twinkly Music Dongle is a USB-powered device that works with all Generation II Twinkly products to create amazing light shows that sync with music. The dongle can analyse any sort of music and literally give shape to the sound, allowing your lights to move in rhythm to the music. To work you will need to plug the USB into any specially designed USB plug or a USB port of a computer or laptop. This will then connect to your device via Bluetooth.

Twinkly Garland

The Twinkly Garland would make the perfect Christmas garland for your front door or indoor space. The garland is pre-lit with 50 multicoloured & warm white LEDs for a hassle-free design. This Christmas garland is a great length of 2.7m and offers PVC and PE Mixed foliage which is pre-decorated with lights.

Frasier Fir Christmas Tree

Twinkly Pre-Lit Christmas Trees are modelled on a Frasier Fir and will look perfect in any home. These mains-operated artificial trees are pre-lit, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle and struggle of wrapping lights around your tree. While the tree is artificial, it looks as realistic as possible using PVC and PE mixed branch tips. As these tips are pre-lit, they’re ready for the finishing touch – being decorated with ornaments!

Outdoor Christmas Trees

Our Twinkly Outdoor Christmas Trees make a great decorative piece for front gardens, back gardens, city centres and public displays. These easy-to-assemble, flagpole, LED trees come in different sizes and their hassle-free design requires no extra support or tools, as they come with their own pole that can be secured with metal ground pins. For extra stability, we recommend fixing the tree to a firm foundation, such as grass, soil, or in between concrete blocks. The tree itself is mains-operated and comes with a 2m lead cable, which gives you plenty of stretch.