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Wyevale Garden Furniture vs. White Stores Garden Furniture

At White Stores, honesty and transparency are part of our core values as a business, which is why we are conducting experiments to test the quality of our furniture, the user friendliness of our website, and the importance of our showrooms by comparing us to other leading retailers within the industry. Here, we have compared ourselves to garden centre giants, Wyevale.

White Stores vs. Wyevale

Founded in 1932, Wyevale is a well-established garden centre and in 2012 was known to have 130 garden centres across the UK. In recent years, Wyevale has announced the closing of a number of its stores, with, in fact, White Stores taking over some of their stores for our own showrooms in Windlesham and Bristol.

White Stores has 6 showrooms located across the UK with these stores dedicated to garden furniture and accessories. Whilst Wyevale has more garden centres, these are not solely dedicated to garden furniture and whilst this makes for a good browsing experience if you are shopping specifically with the intent to buy garden furniture you may not find the piece that you want in store.

However, both White Stores and Wyevale have their full range available to order online. Both have a large range of rattan, metal and wooden furniture in their range and both are fairly evenly matched on pricing. But White Stores is proud to say that it appears to offer more of the latest technology in garden furniture with items such as rising tables and fire pit rattan tables available, whereas Wyevale only offers the more traditional style of furniture.

White Stores vs. Wyevale

Another difference that we noticed when comparing both websites is that much of Wyevale’s rattan furniture is listed as 2-person assembly, with only 4 items listed as easy assembly or fully assembled. White Stores rattan furniture all arrives fully assembled or requires minimal assembly, making it ready to use virtually straight away after unpacking. We ensure that our furniture is made this way because it guarantees increased strength and durability of the furniture. This is because welding the framework together is much stronger than bolting the furniture together, which is what you have to do when the furniture is flat-packed.

White Stores vs. Wyevale

We also noted how at the time of writing this blog (March 2019) Wyevale is offering 20% off on garden furniture sets but only to members of The Garden Club, a reward scheme run by the garden centre. The garden club is free to join but it is unclear whether the offer is only for existing members or whether if you sign up as you checkout you will be able to take advantage of this deal. White Stores is currently offering (March 2019) a 10% off deal on garden furniture and accessories and there is no need to sign up, you can simply apply code SAVE10 at checkout.

Whilst both stores are very evenly matched, we feel that if you are happy to browse and wish to look for plants and shrubbery as well, we recommend a visit to Wyevale Garden Centres, however, if you are looking for garden furniture we recommend a visit to one of our showrooms as our team will have expert advice and you will be able to view a vaster range of furniture in one of our stores.