Pre-Lit vs. Non-LitArtificial Christmas Trees

TThere is a large collection of artificial Christmas trees to choose from, with perhaps even more to choose from than real trees. To help you discover whether a pre-lit or non-lit artificial Christmas tree is right for you, we have outlined the key benefits of each.

Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Trees

Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees

Pre-lit trees are designed to take the hassle out of Christmas. You will not need to purchase extra lights to go with your tree as the lights are already built-in, simply plug in and go. This is extremely time saving as it allows you to start adding baubles and other décor immediately, without having to painstakingly untangle your Christmas lights and try and figure out how to wrap them around the tree.

Pre-lit trees come in all shapes and styles, however traditionally the lights will always offer a cool or warm white glow, sometimes you may find a multi-coloured option. However, you will not have to spend time working out how many lights are needed for the tree size. The LED lights are energy saving bulbs and last a long time, allowing you to enjoy a hassle-free Christmas for years to come.

Non-lit Artificial Christmas Trees

Non-Lit Artificial Christmas Trees

Non-lit trees may require more time dedicated to decorating, however they do allow you more choice. Pre-lit trees limit you to the amount of lights and the look of your tree, however a non-lit tree allows you to choose your own favourite style of lights, and the colour you prefer. For example, you could opt for a simple string light or if you decide you want a much fuller look for your tree, you could go for a cluster or compact cluster light.

Non-lit trees mean you do have to spend time working out the amount of lights required for your tree size to wrap evenly around the tree, however if you don’t want to add lights and prefer tinsel or other decoration then this is a great option for you.

All artificial Christmas trees, whether they are pre-lit or non-lit trees, are made using 2 types of material, PVC, and PE. The best, most realistic tree you can buy will be a PE and PVC mixed tree. The PE branches offer a realistic, natural look and the PVC branches are easy to shape and style.

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