Preparing Your Garden Furniture for Snow

Preparing Your Garden Furniture for Snow

The New Year is here, and with it the weather reporters are predicting snow. So, if you left your garden furniture to its own devices throughout the autumn months, now is the time you really need to start prepping it to see it through the colder months.

Whilst many modern garden furniture types like rattan, outdoor fabric and cast aluminium are extremely robust, they do need some taking care of to ensure that you don’t need to replace the furniture every summer. Below are our top tips for taking care of your garden furniture and preparing it for snow and other harsh weather conditions.

Garden Furniture Covers

Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan garden furniture is an incredibly durable furniture type and can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions, however, some care should be taken throughout the winter to keep it looking good for summer.

1. Give the furniture a gentle wipe down with some soapy water to get rid of any dirt that has been caught on the furniture throughout autumn.
2. Dry immediately, do not leave to dry.
3. Cover the furniture with a weatherproof garden furniture cover and if possible, store in an area sheltered from wind so that the cover does not blow off, leaving the furniture exposed again.

Clean Garden Furniture

Outdoor Fabric Garden Furniture

Outdoor fabric can be left outside all winter if you prefer, however this may mean that come springtime you will have to do a lot of clean up work before you can use it again. If exposed to too much cold and damp the fabric will begin to turn mouldy and whilst this can be cleaned off this requires a lot of effort when you may be desperate just to get on and use the furniture.

Therefore, our only tip for outdoor fabric is to store it indoors away from the damp weather. Do not cover the furniture as it will sweat and then may still go mouldy, so just simply store indoors.

Cast Aluminium Garden Furniture

Cast aluminium is extremely weatherproof and should not rust, even when exposed to damp and cold weather like snow. However, it may get dirty, so it is a good idea to cover the furniture throughout the winter.

Wooden Garden Furniture

Whilst a very popular garden furniture choice, wooden garden furniture is not very durable throughout the winter and should never be left exposed to rain or snow for long periods of time. To prepare wooden furniture for winter you should:

1. Give the furniture a good clean.
2. Treat the furniture to prolong its appearance.
3. Cover from top to bottom with a cover.
4. Store indoors, sheltered from all the elements.

Cushion Storage Box

Plastic Garden Furniture

When left outdoors in snowy and damp conditions plastic garden furniture can get mouldy and, unlike with outdoor fabric garden furniture, this can be almost impossible to get off. Additionally, as plastic furniture is so light weight the harsh winter winds can lead to extreme damage to your furniture. So, to protect your plastic garden furniture you should:

1. Give it a good clean with a soapy water solution.
2. Ensure it is dried properly with a cloth or left to dry in the sun.
3. Cover and store indoors sheltered from wind, rain and snow.

Remember, with all garden furniture types, before you cover the furniture you should remove the cushions and store them separately. If you cover the furniture and leave the cushions underneath they will sweat and go mouldy. We recommend keeping cushions stored in a cushion storage box or bag and keeping the bag or box stored within a shed or garage to keep the cushions protected from the winter weather.