When to UseBattery Operated Lights

BBattery operated Christmas lights are suitable for many purposes, here we have uncovered when you could or should use battery operated lights instead of mains operated Christmas lights.

About Battery Operated Lights

Battery Operated Lights

Our range of The Winter Workshop Megabrights battery operated Christmas lights are our brightest range of battery-operated lights ever. They are also our most functional, offering 8 different multi-function settings and a 6 hours on, 18 hours off timer function. They require 3 x AA batteries to run and offer a 0.4m lead cable from battery pack to first bulb, meaning you can hide the battery pack out of sight for a more stylish appearance. These battery-operated lights can be used both indoors and outdoors, but we recommend ensuring the battery pack is well covered when being used outdoors.

When to Use Battery Operated Lights:

When the area is too small for mains lights

Battery operated lights are perfect for use in smaller areas, where mains operated lights would offer too much lead cable that would likely get tangled and too many lights which would over power the area. For example, a small topiary or wreath can be brightened up and made unique with a wonderful set of battery-operated lights, whereas a set of main operated lights would likely be too big, and you may find yourself tripping over the lead cable.

Battery Operated Lights

When you can’t reach a plug socket

Despite our mains operated lights having lengthy lead cables, you may choose an area where you cannot reach your nearest plug socket, this can be frustrating and require many extension cables which can be tripped over and are unsafe. This is the perfect time for battery operated lights, you will be able to hide your battery pack and decorate your chosen area without loose wires hanging down and causing safety worries.

When you have a mini tree

A mini tree is the perfect way to brighten up an office or a smaller space, and people often don’t put lights on these trees because they can only find huge sets of lights that are too big for the tree. Our battery-operated lights come in sets of 50, 100 and 200 LEDS, making them perfect for mini trees ranging from 45cm to 3ft. Plus, the battery pack will tuck neatly into the tree and be hidden from view.

Battery Operated Lights

When you want to light up an area all year round

Battery operated lights aren’t just great for Christmas they are great for using all year round. They are not using energy from your mains supply and therefore they will not cost you on your energy bills to keep running. Whether you have a bedframe that needs decorating, a windowsill that needs brightening up or a vase that would look better lit up, battery operated lights are ideal for year-round use.

Top Tips for Using Battery Operated Lights

Lithium Ion batteries generate the brightest glow
Battery packs should remain well covered when using outdoors
The batteries should keep the lights working for roughly 30 days when used consistently on the 6 hours on 18 hours off timer function.

If you need any help choosing your battery operated lights then our friendly sales advisors are happy to help, get in touch via email or telephone or visit us in store.