There are plenty of LED light sets available, but which are the best for use on a Christmas tree? Well, that depends on the look you want to go for, here we have outlined the different styles of Christmas Tree Lights and which choice will suit your desired look.

"...they work just as well on trees and also offer an incredibly full look."

- White Stores

Compact Clusters AKA Christmas Tree Lights

Our range of Compact Cluster Lights are also known as Christmas Tree Lights, this is because we believe they are the best-looking lights for a full looking Christmas tree. With a 10m lead cable they offer plenty of reach to the nearest plug socket which means you can decorate an indoor tree or an outdoor tree with ease.

Plus, the 2.5cm bulb spacing offers 4 x as many lights as regular lights, for a full looking Christmas tree that is bright and interesting. These lights also offer 8 multi-function settings as well as an 8 hours on 16 hours off timer function, meaning your tree can display your chosen setting for a set time.

Cluster Lights

Differing slightly from the Compact Clusters, we often recommend Cluster Lights for use on mantelpieces, window frames, staircases and other areas, however, they work just as well on trees and also offer an incredibly full look. The LEDs are randomly placed and offer 4 x many lights as regular string lights.

These mains operated lights are suitable for both indoor & outdoor use, offer a 10m lead cable, 8 multi-function settings and 8 hours on, 16 hours off timer.

String Lights

String lights are ideal for an evenly spaced looking tree. Whilst the string lights offer a less full look compared to our cluster ranges, many enjoy the evenly spaced lights that offer an even glow with the 5cm bulb spacing. There is also a 5m lead cable which offers plenty of stretch to the nearest plug socket.

There are 8 different multi-function settings and an 8 hour on, 16 hours off timer function. The lights are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can also be used along guttering, in bushes or in garlands.

Battery Operated Lights

Our range of battery-operated lights are ideal for decorating mini trees. The 10cm bulb spacing will create an even glow for smaller trees, plus the battery pack can be hidden between branches.

The lights have 8 multi-function settings and offer a 6 hours on, 18 hours off timer function. The lights require 3 x AA batteries. For the brightest use we recommend using lithium ion batteries.

For more information on our Christmas Tree Lights do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable sales team.