Christmas is getting bigger and bigger every year. No longer do we just decorate the living room and the front of our home; the festive cheer is spreading throughout the whole house. Here, we have revealed our top tips for styling your bedroom this Christmas.

"Your living room isn’t the only area where you can erect a tree."

- White Stores

Add A Garland To Your Headboard

A quick and easy way to add Christmas to your bedroom is to drape a garland over the top of your headboard. A smaller, thinner, natural looking garland works well for bedrooms.

It's Not Christmas Without A Tree

Your living room isn’t the only area where you can erect a tree. Our range of slim trees, mini trees and fibre optic trees are the perfect fit for bedrooms and will automatically make your room Christmassy. If you store your presents under your tree, this can also make a great place to hide those extra presents from the kids!

Swap To Festive Bedding

Perhaps the simplest change you can make is to update your bedding to a festive quilt or add a festive blanket. This will make your room look cosy and be a subtle change if you don’t want to go all out.

Light Up Your Window

Another great way to decorate your bedroom is to add Christmas lights to your window frame, this will not only look great from the inside but to neighbours and passers-by too. We recommend our pin wire lights to create a gentle glow where the wire is almost invisible.

Christmas Smells

Festive candles not only look great, but they smell great too. If you have gone for the Christmas tree in your bedroom, you can also add scentsicles to improve the smell. These look like dangling ornaments and hang from tree branches.

Go Nuts For Nutcrackers

Nutcrackers are available in a range of sizes, our mini-Nutcrackers and even our 3ft Norbert the Nutcrackers make perfect festive bedroom additions. The mini designs can sit on a shelf or cabinet and Norbert can stand proud at the 3ft of your bed or accompanying the Christmas tree.

Welcoming Wall Art

Festive wall art could range from something as subtle as pictures in frames to extravagant 3D reindeer heads. What better place to hang these items than above the bed!

With these stylish tips, you can transform any bedroom into a festive wonderland this Christmas! For more inspiration, follow our Instagram page.