Your Guide to Buying an Artificial Christmas Wreath

Your Guide to Buying an Artificial Christmas Wreath

A Christmas tree isn’t the only festive floristry on the market, wreaths and garlands are also incredibly popular. Here, we help you choose your perfect artificial Christmas wreath that will have you feeling festive for years to come.

Artificial Wreaths

Wreaths are one of the most popular decorative items at Christmas. Typically, they hang on your front door and offer you and your guests a warm welcome and have your home looking festive from the outset. Other uses for a Christmas wreath include a centrepiece for the dining table or hanging above a mantelpiece.

Whilst real wreaths are available, we prefer the look, styling and practicality of an artificial Christmas wreath. Artificial wreaths can last for years and are often more colourful and offer more decoration than a real wreath. With so many artificial wreaths to choose from, we have put together a handy buying guide to help you choose the perfect wreath for your theme and space.

Things to Consider Before you Buy

Using an Artificial Wreath Outdoors

Artificial wreaths are safe to use outdoors depending on their material, so we always recommend looking into this before purchasing if you plan on hanging the wreath outdoors. The retailer should offer information on whether the wreath is safe to use outdoors, but we always recommend hanging in a sheltered spot where possible. Winter weather is tough, cold and damp and some oxidisation can occur if left fully exposed with no shelter from the elements.

Pre-Decorated Artificial Wreaths

Types of Artificial Wreath

Pre-decorated Wreaths

If you’ve chosen an artificial wreath, odds are you want a hassle-free decoration. With the pre-decorated wreath, you can simply hang and walk away. There are plenty of decoration to choose from, including rustic pinecones, bright red apples, frosted tips, bows, flowers, baubles and more. We’re sure whatever colour scheme or Christmas theme you have chosen there will be a Christmas wreath that falls into this category.

Pre-lit Wreaths

If you want your wreath to be a part of your light display, you don’t need to spend hours weaving lights around your wreath, pre-lit artificial wreaths are an option. However, these wreaths really will need to be kept under proper shelter to protect the lights and the battery pack.

Flower Artificial Wreaths

Flower Wreaths

If you want an unusual looking Christmas wreath then why not opt for one made totally from artificial flowers. Poinsettias are the most popular choice but there are others like amaryllis and roses available.

Plain Wreaths

If you want your wreath to look as natural as possible then a plain artificial wreath is your best option. The dark green, rustic branches give an authentic look and give you the option to add your own decorations if you prefer.

Additional Features

Wreath Size

We offer a range of artificial Christmas wreaths in sizes from as small as 40cm to as large as 65cm, so whether you plan to hang the wreath proudly on your front door or use as a subtle centrepiece for the Christmas table there is a perfect size for everyone. We recommend measuring your space, especially if you plan to use on a front door as you don’t want the sides to be touching the edge of the door as decorations could get caught.

Plain Artificial Wreaths

Wreath Shape

Whilst the classic ring-shaped garland is still the most popular there are more novelty shapes available which are also ideal for use year-round and not just at Christmas time.

Hanging your Christmas Wreath

There are many ways to hang your Christmas wreath. The most obvious way is to hammer a nail into your door or wall and simply hang the wreath from that. However, this may leave a small hole in the area when you take the wreath down at the end of Christmas. Instead, we recommend a hanger that slots over the top of the door and allows you to hang the wreath from that. Alternatively, if you feel this will make it difficult to shut the door, Command Hooks are an adhesive plastic hook that can be stuck to the door and removed with no mess at the end of the Christmas period.

If you’re looking for the perfect Artificial Christmas Wreath you can check our website or visit our Surrey showroom to see our large display of Christmas decorations from October 1st.