This year’s must-have Christmas decoration is none other than the fabulous LED pop-up tree from The Winter Workshop. These stunning outdoor LED Christmas trees are the perfect garden decoration to make your outdoor space festive and they’re so lovely, we think you might want to leave them up all year round.

"You can set the timer so that the lights come on when you’re on your way home from work"

- White Stores

What Makes Them Special?

These outdoor LED Christmas trees are so special because they are so easy to assemble, simply connect the pieces and then attach them to soft ground with the pegs provided. The branches fold out to form a Christmas tree shape full of stunning and bright LEDs.

The tree has a brilliant 8 function memory controller which allows you to choose from one of the 8 multi-function options and it will remember your favourite if you choose to turn it off and on again.

There is an ‘8 hours on 16 hours off’ timer function, which is ideal for energy saving and also means you will never have to worry about remembering to turn the lights off before going to bed. Plus, you can set the timer so that the lights come on when you’re on your way home from work, meaning you’ll arrive home to a magical glow and feel extremely festive as you head indoors.

Not only does the outdoor LED Christmas tree have all of these wonderful functions but it comes with an 8m lead cable which offers plenty of stretch to reach your most suitable indoor plug socket. This means you won’t have to run several extension leads together and makes the tree use extremely safe.

Your Tree Choices

There are several choices of outdoor LED pop-up Christmas trees available, including two different colour options – cool white and warm white – and 3 different size options – 1.35m, 4.5m, and 6m. This means that no matter your garden space, there is an LED tree for you. The taller the tree the more lights and the more impressive the look, but the smaller versions are perfect for a more subtle approach to Christmas – but we say Christmas is the perfect time to go over the top and go all out!


Why You’ll Love Them

We know you’ll love these Christmas decorations because they are stylish, classy, have great features and most of all they are great value for money! These fabulous trees are set to last for years.

The energy-efficient LED bulbs are long-lasting and will last year after year, especially when only used for the festive season. But the tree looks so pretty we wouldn’t blame you if you left it up all year round.

They make a great addition or an alternative to a classic Christmas tree, especially if you like to have a real Christmas tree outdoors but your tree hasn’t thrived this year or you don’t want to deal with the hassle of attaching Christmas lights to the tree.

How Do I Order?

You can place your order for an Outdoor LED Christmas Tree via our website or by speaking to one of our helpful Christmas helpers over the phone. We recommend ordering now so that you don’t miss out on this year’s number one Christmas trend!