The first thing you see when you come home from a hard day at work is the front of the house, why not spruce it up this Christmas and impress all the neighbours with your gorgeous display? Here, we have revealed our top tips for decorating the front of your home this Christmas.

"A nutcracker or two is the perfect way to make the front of your home festive."

- White Stores

Step 1: Light The Way Home

Cluster lights are the perfect outdoor Christmas light. They are 4 x as full as traditional string lights and therefore create a brilliant glow perfect for lining guttering, door frames, and roofs. Available in different lit lengths, you will always find a size long enough to cover your entire area, plus with our range of The Winter Workshop cluster lights you will find the timer function a handy addition which means you don’t have to wait until you’re home to switch them on, they will come on at the same time every day, allowing you to come home to a well-lit house.


Step 2: Son of a Nutcracker!

A nutcracker or two is the perfect way to make the front of your home festive. Choose from our selection of giant nutcrackers for something truly spectacular that can be seen from the end of the street or go for something just for you with our smaller selection of 3ft Norbert the Nutcrackers. Whether you choose one or go for a pair, these festive characters look stunning when standing guard at your front door.

Step 3: It's a Novelty

Novelty wall art is another brilliant way to make any boring brickwork stand out this festive season. From stars to snowflakes and reindeer heads, these novelty wall lights are super impressive, plus the more you add the better your wall will look, so why not collect them all?


Step 4: Follow That Reindeer

Light-up reindeer figures are a wonderful addition to the front garden. We particularly love our rattan range which is available in varying sizes allowing you to choose which one suits your space best or collect all the sizes to create a reindeer family. These figures work best on grass as they can be pegged into the soft ground to keep them secure but are still as nice on your pathway.

Step 5: Oh, Christmas tree

An alternative Christmas tree, like an LED pop-up tree or Fairybell flagpole tree can really brighten up your front garden without the hassle of having to preen and look after a real Christmas tree. These stunning designs are available in varying sizes to suit a number of spaces.


Step 6: Wreath It Up

A wreath is one of the most popular ways to decorate the front of the house. Placing a wreath on the front door is a quick and easy way to make the front of your home appear festive. Our Twinkly wreath is a fantastic LED design that allows you to see the wreath even in the dark.

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