With so many Christmas lights available on the market it can be difficult to know which lights are best and for what purpose. In this blog post, we will cover our brand-new collection of Compact Cluster Lights, which have many different uses.

"Compact Cluster Lights are ideal for use on Christmas trees to give your tree a much fuller look."

- White Stores

About Compact Cluster Lights

Our collection of LED Compact Cluster Christmas Tree Lights from The Winter Workshop is new for this Christmas season. We expect these lights to be incredibly popular as they are the brightest range of LED lights we have ever offered.

These Compact Cluster Lights are ideal for use on Christmas trees to give your tree a much fuller look. This is because they offer 4 x as many lights per metre as regular lights. The reason they offer so many lights is because there is an LED bulb every 2.5cm, compared to our string lights which offer an LED bulb every 5cm. This creates a huge lit length as well as a much brighter and fuller look for your tree, which is sure to add a more Christmassy feeling to your home.

We offer these lights in a range of sizes and recommend which size will be perfect for your tree. 750 LED Lights are ideal for a 6ft tree, 1000 LED Lights are ideal for a 7ft tree, 1500 LED Lights are ideal for an 8ft tree, and 2000 LED Lights are ideal for a huge 10ft tree. These recommendations will offer plenty of lights for your tree and offer the best look, though if you want to add even more lights you can increase the amount of lights per tree.

As well as offering a huge lit length, these cluster lights offer a 10m lead cable which is plenty of length to reach your nearest plug socket without having to move the location of your tree. This is also perfect if you wish to use these lights in an outdoor tree. The compact clusters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, as long as the transformer is suitably covered.

Handy Compact Cluster Info

Additionally, these Christmas lights offer 8 multi-function settings which include: static, twinkle, fade, chasing, glow, sequential, waves and combination. These settings add plenty of fun to your lights and allow you to swap between settings with ease to find your favourite.

Plus, these energy-saving LED lights offer a handy timer function. This brilliant function will see your lights come on at the same time every day for 8 hours and then turn off for 16 hours. This means you can go to bed with peace of mind, knowing it would not impact you if you had forgotten to turn your lights off, racking up your energy bill. Instead, the lights will turn off at the same time every day, helping to save energy and money.

Not only are these lights perfect for Christmas trees but, should you choose, they are ideal for interweaving with Christmas garlands, or bushes. These multi-purpose lights are perfect for Christmas use and come in 5 different colours, including Cool White, Copper Glow, Multi Coloured, Warm White and Cool & Warm White Mix.



If you want to know more about out Compact Cluster Lights or any of our Christmas lights, we recommend contacting one of our helpful sales advisors.